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Side Marker Base

We have 536 Items for Side Marker Base In-stock.

there's no use owning a great set of side markers if they won't stay in place. If your side markers are barely hanging onto your ride, then now's the best time for you to invest in a good side marker base. Take it from its name, this component is designed to make sure your side markers won't slip out of position each time you encounter road irregularities. By getting your car a great set of side marker bases, you can be sure that your side marker lamps won't be going anywhere no matter how rough or bumpy the terrain gets. Another excellent feature of a great side marker base is that this unit can also be used to add a customized look to your side marker assembly. You see, most aftermarket side marker bases come with a lustrous chrome finish that helps add style to your ride's side panels. This base doesn't just hold your side marker in place, it does it in a stylish way-and that makes all the difference. So the next time you find yourself in need of a side marker base, get a replacement base that gives you the best of both worlds. Get your car a side marker lamp base that's both stylish and functional-like the ones we have here at Auto Parts Warehouse! Find the right side marker lamp base for your ride at our site today!