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The higher your ride, the harder it is to climb aboard its cabin. If entering your truck is an everyday struggle against the pull of gravity, then we recommend employing the help of some Side Steps. A side step is basically a metal component that sits beneath your vehicle door. What it does is it acts as an extra step that leads into your cabin. That way, you'll no longer have trouble entering or exiting your vehicle. This step is pretty useful when you have kids and older relatives riding with you. It also comes in handy during the rainy and winter season. You see, this step comes with either a treaded or non-slip step pad. This step pad lets you get a solid footing when entering your truck. So no matter how wet the weather gets, you won't slip or stumble as you climb into your vehicle interior. Aside from making it a lot easier for you to get into your truck, this step also improves your vehicle's appearance. Resembling a riding stirrup, this side step gives your vehicle's entryways a distinctive and customized look. Manufactured using hardwearing materials like rust- and chip-resistant aluminum alloy and billet, Side Steps are generally built to give you lasting service. So climb into your truck in style with a high-quality side step set. You can find topnotch side step sets sold at budget-friendly prices at the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog. Get the best deals on high-grade auto parts at our site now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Upgrade Your Ride with a Great Set of Side Steps

You could easily upgrade the look and feel of your truck or SUV by bolting on a set of side steps. Not only would it look better, you'll also give yourself a safer and easier way to get on board your vehicle. Since it's one of the most popular add-ons on the market today, it can be pretty confusing to choose from thousands of different side steps online. Read on to learn from our short guide and find out what you need to look for when choosing the best side steps for your ride.

Are Side Steps Necessary?

Most folks simply add side steps to customize the looks of their vehicles. But you'll have to place more emphasis on a side step's function than just simple eye candy for your ride. Trucks and SUVs keep on getting taller, making it harder for people to get in and out of them. Rather than hurting your back trying to slink up to your seat, or breaking your ankle by jumping on board your truck, you just have to install some side steps. Simply put, side steps are necessary for any vehicle, and there's no reason for you to not have one on your truck or SUV.

The Right Steps for your Vehicle Type

There are a couple of different side step designs that you could choose from, so it's important that you choose the right ones for your vehicle. Most two-door vehicles would want to get shorter side steps while 4-door rides would benefit from longer designs. Make sure that you get steps that are made from strong materials like aluminum and steel, and that they are able to support your weight or the load that you usually carry. Most side steps are rated to hold up to 400 pounds but some may hold less so you should always verify the weight limit before you get one. Finally, when it comes to maintenance, make sure that you get side steps that have some sort of rust protection added to them, so that they will last longer and resist any damage from corrosion and outside elements.

Final Thoughts

Because of the huge market for side steps, prices tend to vary with simple models available for as low as $35 and higher-end models going up to $1000. It is important that you place far more value for a side step's performance and durability, with style and looks coming in last. Getting some side steps for your ride should be all about ease and safety when coming in and out of your vehicle, and are not to be valued for their looks alone.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Install New Side Steps on Your Ride

You wouldn't want to drive around in your truck or SUV without some side steps installed in it. It's difficult enough to get into your vehicle without hurting yourself, so make it easier for you and your passengers to step into your ride with a couple of additional steps on the side. You won't need to modify your truck to fit in a couple of these add-ons. All you will need would be a socket wrench, a couple of compatible aftermarket side steps, and about an hour of your time to get the job done.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need

  • Socket wrench

Step 1: Begin by setting aside all of the tools, parts, and equipment that you'll be working with. Inspect the aftermarket side steps that you'll be using to make sure that all the necessary bolts and brackets are there.

Step 2: Check underneath your truck and find the body-mounting brackets where side steps or step bars are to be mounted. If you're having difficulty finding these, then you should refer to your vehicle's manual for additional help.

Step 3: Once you've found the mounts underneath your truck, you should then line up your side steps with the mounting brackets, fit in the bolts, and tighten them into place. You may need a helping hand with heavier side steps, so you could tighten the bolts properly.

Step 4: Most side steps would have additional support straps and brackets, this will help balance the weight on the steps, allowing them to carry more weight. You should read through your side step's manual to see how you could use these additional equipment if need be.

Step 5: Check your side steps and make sure that they are level. Adjust them if necessary and test them carefully by stepping on them a couple of times. Make sure that everything is mounted nice and tight once you're satisfied with the position of the steps underneath your vehicle.

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