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Frequent bottoming out is a quick way to ruin your ride's transmission and suspension components. That is why it's important that you keep your ride's vulnerable parts protected against up-flung road debris, humps, and other road irregularities using the right skid plate. This plate, also referred to as a sump guard, is basically a plastic, aluminum, or steel shield that covers the underside of your chassis. It protects your transmission, transfer case, differential, and oil pan against damage. Though manufactured from top-grade materials, skid plates can break after years of use and abuse. Lose this component and you could be looking at extensive and irreparable auto damage. That is why you need to stop a bad skid plate from making situations worse by replacing it as soon as possible. Now, no need to worry because the world wide web is filled with top-quality replacement skid plates. These OE-style plates are specifically designed to fit your ride's chassis. This means that you won't have to conduct any modifications on this replacement component for it to fit your ride. What's even better is that it's easy to find a skid plate that will fall well within your budget. All you have to do is head on straight to the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog. Here at our online store, we offer only the best auto components at the most budget-friendly prices. So save up on this new plate by buying it from our store today!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Install a New Skid Plate

Note: These instructions are made specifically for Ford Ranger automobiles.

Having a correctly installed skid plate is needed to keep vital components in the undercarriage of your vehicle from getting damaged. A skid plate protects the steering linkage, transfer case, gas tank, and oil pan from getting hit by debris, especially while driving through off-road paths. Aside from providing your automobile with protection, this component also helps to give you a smoother ride. So, make sure it is firmly mounted before you hit the road to guarantee that it will shield those crucial parts of your vehicle and allow you to be more comfortable while inside your vehicle.

Below is a guide to help you properly install your new skid plate into your automobile. If you own a Ford Ranger, then the following instructions are tailor-made for you. But, even if you drive a different vehicle, you will still be able to successfully secure your skid plate into it with the help of this guide.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • New skid plate
  • Floor jack
  • 4 jack stands
  • 2 wheel chocks
  • Socket set

Safety Reminder: Put on safety glasses, latex gloves, and other protective gear whenever working on your automobile.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Push the wheel chocks against either back tire of the vehicle to prevent it from rolling.
  2. Raise the front part of the automobile using a floor jack and place two jack stands underneath the body rails for support.
  3. Put the other two jack stands below the engine and place the new skid plate on top of them.
  4. Align the mounting holes of the skid plate with the factory-drilled holes of your automobile's frame.
  5. Secure the skid plate to the frame using a socket set and the mounting hardware that was provided with the skid plate.
  6. Take out the jack stands that are under your vehicle's engine. Raise your automobile to be able to remove the other two jack stands.
  7. Lower your vehicle to the floor.
  8. Take the wheel chocks out from the back tire. You're now good to go.

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