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A1 Cardone43-1732 Wiper Motor - Direct Fit

Part #: A1431732 | Mfr #: 43-1732

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  • Location: Front
  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Product Fit: Direct Fit
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  • Warranty: 1-year or 18,000-mile A1 Cardone limited warranty

Product reviews

Saved my butt for inspection by jimijobo, December 3, 2012

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I was going to fail my inspection because my wipers were very loose and would get stuck on the windshield and was very slow. I bought this part and it solved my problem. The wipers now are tight and the movement is smooth and reliable again. I want to use the rest of this review to offer advice as to how to install this part. The reason is at first I couldnt figure out how to replace the part without the linkage dropping down behind the firewall which would just about doom the car. There is no access except for the small hole where the motor and motor arm plugs into the linkage. Heres what you do: Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the four bolts holding the motor to the firewall with the wipers in the fully down position. The motor arm is bolted from behind the firewall and youll need to unbolt it and attach the old motor arm to your new motor. To do this have a flat-head screwdriver in hand and gently pull the motor away from the firewall. Slide the flat-head screwdriver into the hole behind the motor arm and gently pry the arm out of the hole. Reach over to your passenger-side wiper and move it up the windshield until the arm pops out of the hole. Keep the screwdriver in place you are not out of the woods yet. After the arm is free you need to get the wipers fully up on the windshield so that the arm is fully out of the hole and the linkage itself is also out of the hole with about 3/4 of the linkage out. The motor arm is connected to the linkage by a steel ball (solid part of the arm) that pops in and out of a socket on the linkage. Do not try to pop this ball out of the linkage until the linkage is safely out of the hole in the firewall and the wipers are fully extended up on the windshield. You will have to use the screwdriver to gently pry the linkage through the hole just as you did with the motor arm. Once the linkage is sticking out of the hole by that 3/4 leave the screwdriver in place and begin to remove the motor and motor arm from the linkage. In a car this old the ball on the end of the motor arm should just pop right out of the socket at the end of the linkage. If so pop the arm out of the socket: it is your best option. Dont freak out if it is easy it wont matter. The arm is pressed onto the motor and the motor will turn (especially since it is not in good shape) when you try to loosen the bolt. If you can get the motor and arm free from the linkage do that. The linkage is safely outside of the firewall and wont go anywhere so long as you leave the wipers fully raised on the windshield. I was able to remove the motor and arm from the linkage. Next you need to disconnect the wiring. First you need to deal with the top-left screw and spacer gizmo to which is attached the ground wire. Make a note in your head where this wire is situated between the washers on the screw behind the big washer and in front of the small washers. Pull the ground wire off of the screw. Next use a vice grip to firmly hold the positive power connection housing (part of the motor you are replacing) and pry the small tab up while pulling and wiggling female (car end) of the connection away from the motor. Once this is free remove the motor and then remove the motor arm from the old motor. I had to use a socket wrench to hold the bolt in the loosening position (counter-clockwise) and tapped the arm with a regular hammer - pretty hard - to break the bolt. Obviously you need to tap the arm in the direction that will cause the socket wrench to hold the bolt and loosen the bolt. Dont be overly gentle you need to free this bolt. Hit it. Once it is free remove the arm and place it in the same position as it was on the old motor onto the replacement part. Make sure its within a 1/4 or so in the same place: You will need to position the motor arm onto the new motor in the correct position in order to mount the motor to the car which means that the motor itself (that circular tube) must be level to the top of the engine pointing to drivers side of the car in order to bolt the part up to the firewall. Press the arm as best you can onto the motor and then use the provided new bolt to completely press the old motor arm onto the new motor. Now line the new part up onto the firewall so that again the motor is horizontal to the engine or the hood or whatever you want to use. Press the ball on the motor arm into the socket on the linkage. Remove the screwdriver from behind the linkage and grab the passenger-side wiper and start to bring it down. You will need to use the screwdriver now on the other side to help the linkage and motor arm back into the hole behind the firewall. Once this is done you need to line up the motor and bolt it up. Again the tubular part of the motor must be horizontal. You also will need to make sure the spacers on each of the screws placed against the head of the screw exposing as much screw possible. Use a vise-grip to hold the spacer and a socket wrench clockwise to get the thread fully out of the spacer if you need to. You can use a socket and an extension to help you to line up and sink three of the four screws it is pretty easy. The bottom drivers side screw will not be easy but make sure that the wiper motor is at all four points is solidly flat to the firewall when you are done. That last screw I stuffed my socket with little pieces of duct-tape to keep the threads of the screw exposed and mostly looked at rather than felt (which usually works but not here) where the screw should start. Then I just mucked around until I felt a grab. Probably the hardest part of this install. Maybe not even necessary the motor was solid without that last bolt. But I dont think Im smart enough to argue with engineers. As complicated as this sounds this part installs on a nice day in under an hour if you follow these instructions. I guess I am not supposed to mention the site where I bought this part but it is the best car part site ever. I cant rave enough about the quality and availability and by the way service. Great company and team and everything. Buy with no worries at all.