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Spare Tire Relocator

We have 8 Items for Spare Tire Relocator In-stock.

Off-road driving is not exactly a tire-friendly activity. That said you'll always need a back-up in case a tire goes down-which is a very common scenario when driving over jagged terrains. However, even if your Jeep is the perfect vehicle for your outdoor adventures, you can't say that it's the ideal ride for storing an extra tire since it doesn't have a trunk. But if you want to make it capable of carrying that extra luggage without cramming it inside your cabin, what you'll need is a Spare Tire Relocator. With the help of this vehicle add-on, you won't have to worry about carrying a spare tire for your rig. This device allows you to conveniently mount your back-up tire in your ride's tailgate or even on its roof. By doing this, you're confident that in case one of your tires gets busted, you can immediately make the necessary replacement since you're carrying a spare one. This component is made from tough materials that allow it to withstand premature deterioration. And although it's exposed to harsh weather elements on a regular basis, it won't easily give in to rust and corrosion. Lastly, this device is designed for hassle-free operation to ensure that it can be used by any average vehicle owner. Even without a compartment, your Jeep can conveniently carry a spare tire with the help of a Spare Tire Relocator. And if you want to have this device now, you can get it here at Auto Parts Warehouse.