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Spark Plug Wire Products

No matter if you're looking to replace your old Bosch spark plug wires with standard ones or a high performance ignition wire set, we have the spark plug wires you want. Our top quality direct-fit spark plug wire brands are always in stock, and ready to deliver right to your doorstep. All of the spark plug wires we offer are sold at the lowest price on the net! If you find an better price we'll beat it! Use our online catalogs for fast, easy and secure ordering. When you check us out, you'll know you're save big bucks! You'll know right away why we are the best in the business! Choose from top brands including: Bosch, NGK, Nology, MSD, Taylor Cable & Accel Spark Plug Wires.

Buying Guides

Simple Tips in Purchasing a Spark Plug Wire

Changing your spark plug because you think it doesn't provide enough spark inside the cylinder? While you're at it, why don't you check your spark plug wire too? If the wire's insulator is already worn out, the electricity that passes through it might arc to other metal components in your engine-which causes a weak or no spark at all. Now, if you would have to replace it, make sure that you'll get the ideal aftermarket spark plug wire for your car. And here's how to spot one:

Tip #1. Look for a spark plug wire that has a heavy-duty insulator. Basically, if the rubber outside the wire is in good condition, there's nothing wrong with your spark plug wire. You can guarantee that it would stay that way for a long time by acquiring a replacement wire that has a durable insulator. A spark plug wire with a high-strength silicone-made insulator would be a great choice since it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with constant exposure to extreme engine heat, moisture, and more.

Tip #2. Pick a spark plug wire that would fit your engine. Make sure you don't waste your time and money on a replacement wire that doesn't fit your vehicle's make and model. Check the features of the product if it's an OE replacement to guarantee two things: it can directly replace your factory-installed wires and can be installed with so much ease.

Tip #3. Check its warranty. Since you won't actually know if it would last until it's already under your hood, you have to buy a replacement wire that has a decent warranty. That way, you can quickly return it to the store where you bought it and get it replaced if it wears out prematurely. The spark plug may come with a 5-year or 50, 000 miles limited warranty or a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty depending on the brand or retailer.

Tip #4. Know how many wires you would have to replace. If you only need to change one wire, you can look for an online shop that sells a spark plug wire individually. Buying a set doesn't make sense because you wouldn't use the other wires. The only way that you would need a set is when you have to replace two or more defective spark plug wires.

Repair Guides

How to Change Worn-out Spark Plug Wires by Hand

You read that right. You can change your faulty spark plug wires without using any tools at all. Unlike other automotive repairs that you've done before, this particular car part replacement won't require you to use even the most basic hand tools in your tool box. In short, your hands are enough to get the job done. How to do that? Well, just follow the simple set of instructions below.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things that you'll need:

  • Replacement spark plug wires

Step 1: Locate the spark plug wires. Although they're usually black, they can also be blue, orange, or red.

Step 2: Start by removing the first spark plug wire at one end of the engine. Pull the boot off of the wire plug.

Step 3: Pull the other end of the spark plug wire from its connection to the distributor.

Step 4: Replace the worn-out spark plug wire with a new one with the same length or number. When it snaps on the spark plug, you will hear a faint popping sound-which basically means that it's secured.

*Note: Normally, the wires are kept in place by small plastic pieces with slots that prevent them from rubbing against each other. Make sure that the replacement wires are carefully placed into the slots to maximize their lifespan.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 to 4 in replacing the next spark plug wire.

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