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What's great about modern vehicles is the fact that they're equipped with parts that make driving easier and safer than it was back then. One of the most useful safety features of the vehicles we use today is the Speed Sensor. Located at the output shaft of the transmission, this component keeps track of the movement or rotation of the wheels and the crankshaft to monitor your vehicle's speed. The information it gathers is then sent to the ECM (Electronic Control Module) and is displayed on your car's dashboard. A few safety features of your vehicle also depend on this component. The cruise control, a system that lets the driver put the vehicle's speed at a set rate, needs the pulse frequency that this part sends in order to make the vehicle's speed constant. This component is also vital to a car with an ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), because the ABS needs the information that the sensor collects in order to make both wheels rotate at the same speed. Driving with a damaged Speed Sensor can be hazardous since you won't have accurate information on how fast your vehicle is going. That's why replacing this part is a must as soon as you see signs that it's defective. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide selection of speed sensors from the industry's top brands. Browse through our online catalog to choose which one is best suited for your vehicle. Then, use our secure ordering system to place an order for this product today.

Buying Guides

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Getting the Right Type of Speed Sensor

Your speed sensor affects the operation of multiple systems in your car. Not only does it help you stay within the speed limit, but it also helps your car react better and faster to your driving. So don't be reckless when choosing new sensors for your car. Here are some things you should take note of when buying speed sensors:

Types of vehicle speed sensors

There are basically two types of speed sensors, the engine speed sensor and wheel speed sensor. Although both types do the same job (a.k.a. read data and feed it to either the speedometer or anti-lock brake system), the type of speed sensor you need to buy will depend on the symptoms that you notice on your car. Does your car go through intermittent stops without stepping on the breaks? Then that means you need to change your wheel speed sensor. Is your speedometer reading incorrectly? Then a faulty engine speed sensor might be the cause. Before you go to an auto parts center to get a new speed sensor, be sure that you know which of the two types your car needs.

Optical speed sensor vs. Permanent magnet

After identifying which type of speed sensor to replace, another thing to consider when buying a new one is its material. The conventional style of speed sensor makes use of an optical VSS. This optical VSS is made up of a photo cell, LED, and a two-blade mirror reflector to generate electrical signal, which in turn electronically measures speed. This kind of speed sensor is commonly used and is available for almost all makes and models. But because of the optical speed sensor's moving parts, it is more prone to mechanical wear. If you're looking for a speed sensor that's more reliable, installing a permanent magnet speed sensor is a better choice. It detects speed, direction, and position more accurately than an optical sensor, and its non-contact with the target provides enhanced reliability and an extended life.

Tire sizes

Tire size can also affect the efficiency of your speed sensors. If you've upgraded to a bigger tire size than your OE tires, it is advised to recalibrate your tires before installing a new speed sensor. The difference in tire sizes may cause the wrong speedometer readings, which can eventually affect your speed sensor signals.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Installing a Speed Sensor on Your Car

Do you see a tiny orange light blinking in your dashboard? Is your speedometer going haywire? Does your car switch gears at the wrong times? If you answered yes to all these questions, then your car has gotten a mind of its own due to a faulty speed sensor. Replace your speed sensor before your car goes Decepticon on you and causes more problems on the road. Here's a DIYers guide to help you replace your speed sensor with ease.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Wrench
  • Replacement speed sensor
  • Ratchet
  • Sockets

Step 1: Preparing the car

Lift the front of your car using a jack and jack stands. Create a wide space that will let you slide underneath. Look under the passenger side of your car and locate your car's transmission.

Step 2: Locating the speed sensor

Your speed sensor should be screwed into your transmission. It is usually located to its left. Once you've seen a plug-type component with an electrical connector on the side, you've found your speed sensor.

Step 3: Preparing the speed sensor for removal

Remove the electrical connector from the speed sensor. Using the ratchet and an appropriately sized socket, you then remove the bolt on the sensor. Pull the sensor towards you to gain easier access to your sensor.

Step 4: Removing the old speed sensor

Twist the sensor counter-clockwise to loosen it from the transmission. Grasping the sensor with a wrench, remove it from the transmission and discard it.

Step 5: Installing a new speed sensor

Place the new sensor into your transmission. Snap the clips that connect it to the transmission. Secure the new speed sensor into place until it clicks.

Step 6: Finishing touches and testing the new speed sensor

Your new speed sensor is now in place and ready for use. Slide it away from your vehicle and lower it to begin testing your new sensor.

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