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We have 17 Items for Spool In-stock.

Every time you make a turn when driving, the circumference of the outer wheels' rotation is usually greater than the rotation of the inner wheels. The differential is an important mechanism that's mounted at the rear of the auto to help reduce the speed of the inner wheels and increase the rotational speed of the outer wheels. With a fully functioning differential, you can maintain equal speed of the wheels and avoid skidding. Improve the differential's performance by installing a reliable spool. It is the perfect add-on for vehicles used in off-road driving; it helps increase wheel traction, which can be useful every time you drive over rocky terrains, steep hills, mud-swept paths, and sandy routes. Often compared with the lock differentials, spools are cheaper and lighter alternatives to lockers. Its special design does not increase the weight of the truck because it does not contain internal gears, unlike lockers. Usually crafted using steel, this unit is tough enough to handle extreme loads and challenging paths. It works by locking the left and right axles of the rear wheel together to ensure that both wheels spin at the same time. The spool also helps maximize the torque produced by supporting the ring gear; it is a solid component and a definite must-have for off-road enthusiasts.

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