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Do you still need someone to further stress the importance of the starter for your vehicle? Since this mechanical component starter is one of the few parts that can start the whole engine's operation, then you should take its maintenance as top priority. But, keeping this device in good condition is almost impossible with the straining task it needs to perform almost on a regular basis. Aside from this, the extreme engine heat amplifies this strain, pushing this part into its breaking point. Now if you want to protect the starter from such high temperature, you must equip it with a Starter Heat Shield. From its name alone, you can practically tell what a Starter Heat Shield does for your car. This component helps protect the starter from the harmful effects that can be brought by extreme heat that's coming from the combustion process. By doing this, you can guarantee that it can provide you a longer service life and maximum reliability. However, to ensure that this part can do these things, it's constructed from heavy-duty materials that can withstand premature deterioration. Additionally, it's designed to fit snugly into your vehicle's specifications making its installation hassle-free. That said you won't need the services of a professional mechanic since you can do this task yourself. Though keeping your starter in good shape seems impossible, a Starter Heat Shield can help you with that. Just be sure that you'll get this part here at Auto Parts Warehouse to guarantee its top-notch durability.

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Starter Heat Shield: How to Shop Smartly

One of the most common factors why your car's starter isn't starting is due to overheating. Since it's near the engine, the heat radiating from the engine affects the starter solenoid, creating a "heat lock". The starter fails and your vehicle won't start. Installing a starter heat shield is a perfect solution to these problems. It will protect your car from the engine's heat and helps prolong the starter's life. Here are some tips on how to choose the right starter heat shield

Types of heat shields

Since internal combustion engines radiate large amounts of heat, it's important to protect the engine's components and bodywork from damage. Heat shields act as a barrier or insulator against heat. Knowing the types of heat shields can help you choose the right one for your vehicle:

Flexible--These heat shields are made from thin aluminum sheeting and are bent by hand when fitted. Some manufacturers also add ceramic to make it more durable and heat-resistant. High-performance heat shields are also used by Formula 1 teams for their race cars.

Rigid -- Before, solid steel was the material of choice for most manufacturers for its strength and rigidity. Nowadays, aluminum is the preferred material for rigid heat shields. Composites like ceramics are added to the aluminum sheets to improve the heat shield's insulation.

Materials used

A high quality starter heat shield can effectively lower your engine bay and intake's temperature. Depending on the materials used, it should be able to minimize the transfer of radiant heat or stop it before it reaches the other engine parts. Fiberglass is commonly used because it can insulate continuous heat up 1000-degrees Fahrenheit. Add "Vermiculite" to the mix, and it can now withstand heat up to 1200-degrees Fahrenheit. Over 1200-degrees, fiberglass will melt, crystallize, and eventually fall apart. Basalt is another popular material used because it can withstand heat up to 1200-degrees Fahrenheit and it can stop more heat. Aluminized fiberglass can reflect 90% of the radiant heat if there is a good air gap and air flow within the engine bay.

Be a smart shopper

Always be careful when buying parts. There are a lot of unscrupulous sellers or manufacturers that will sell non-insulated gold heat shield barriers. It's just a piece of gold foil taped to a Mylar foil, so be careful. Also, aluminum melts at 1120-degrees Fahrenheit, do not be fooled when you see a 2000-degree aluminum heat shield wrap. Do some research and think before purchasing anything.

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