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Steering Angle Sensor

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Steering Angle Sensor Products

No one wants to have a vehicle that's incapable of dishing out a decent performance at the least. However, a rig with excellent drivability and top-notch efficiency doesn't come easy. You need to work hard for it. And one of the several ways to get this done is by making sure that all of your sensors are in good shape. By ensuring that these devices work flawlessly, the ECU can immediately make the necessary adjustments to optimize your vehicle's performance. One crucial sensor that helps in improving your ride's drivability is the Steering Angle Sensor. Whenever you turn a corner, the vehicle's steering angle must maintain a certain degree to ensure your control over the steering system. But this can't be done with a faulty Steering Angle Sensor. So to solve this, getting a quality replacement is in order. An aftermarket sensor is more than capable of providing the top performance that your stock part used to give. And this is the result of its heavy-duty construction that can withstand premature deterioration. Aside from this, this sensor also boasts an OEM-fit that allows it to be a direct replacement for your factory-installed component. By doing this, its installation becomes a hassle-free task that you can accomplish even if you're a newbie in the DIY world. A failing Steering Angle Sensor won't help your vehicle optimize its performance. But to make sure that it can do this, you need to quickly replace it with a premium-quality device from Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Steering Angle Sensor

The symptoms of a bad steering angle sensor could not be easily detected. Despite this, the small device is an important part in a car's Electronic Stability Control or ESC. And because ESC controls the direction of the vehicle's wheels, a faulty steering angle sensor may cause some serious consequences. This is the reason why in a car's dash, warning signals can be seen. These signals help the driver determine whether the vehicle is working properly-inside and outside. You will know if your vehicle may need to have its steering angle sensor replace if the HDC, DSC, and ABS are all showing signals in your dashboard.

Three types of steering angle sensor

Once certain that your steering angle sensor is the one at fault for the warning signs in your dashboard, you need to replace it as soon as possible. There are not much choices of aftermarket steering angle sensor and this makes it easier to choose the perfect one for your vehicle. The first factor to consider would be the kind of stability system your car has. There are three types of steering angle sensors for this-the one specifically designed for cars working with EDC, DSC, or both systems. To optimize the capabilities of your car and the new steering angle sensor, determine whether both are compatible with each other.

The right sensitivity

Part of the steering angle sensor's job is to send information regarding the position of the steering wheel and the speed it is being turned. These functions totally rely on the sensitivity of the device. The typical sensitivity in most steering angle sensor is 0.10-degree resolution. This is the highest possible sensitivity the device should handle. Anything higher than that can make the car wheels significantly turn with the slightest move of the steering wheel. Lower resolution, on the other hand, can be tiresome as it takes more effort from the driver to turn the steering wheel to make the tiniest turn.

Repair Guides

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Steps in Fixing the Steering Angle Sensor

If you have your faulty steering angle sensor and have gone to consult your dealership, you might have been surprised that fixing or replacing the device can sum up to a jaw-dropping $1,300. This is precisely the reason why most car owners choose to fix or replace their steering angle sensor themselves. And if they can, you sure are able to do it yourself and save a lot of money. Below are steps on how you can fix or replace your steering angle sensor.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools required:

  • Anti-static pad
  • Anti-static strap
  • IC-type tip soldering iron
  • Impact gun
  • Meguiar #10 clear plastic polish
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Torx driver or allen key

Step 1: Set all the tools and supplies ready.

Step 2: In the trunk, disconnect the battery negative terminal.

Step 3: Let all caps discharge for 10 minutes or so.

Step 4: Sit on the driver's seat, facing the steering wheel.

Step 5: Remove the airbag.

Step 6: At 4 and 7 o'clock sides of the steering, there are holes or slits. Insert a torx driver or allen key into the holes and feel for the springs.

Step 7: Push the holes to release the springs.

Step 8: Very carefully open the connector tabs. Pull it upwards to release the locks and remove the airbag's connectors.

Step 9: Once the connector tabs have been cleared from the steering wheel, use a screwdriver to release the connectors near the top of the steering wheel.

Step 10: Remove the steering wheel bolt with the impact gun with the torque at 46 lb-ft.

Step 11: Once the bolt is removed, carefully lift the steering wheel.

Step 12: Using your fingers and a screwdriver, remove the upper and lower cowling of the steering wheel and set them aside.

Step 13: Remove the four torx bolts and three clockspring releases and lift of the whole steering column assembly except for the clockspring cover tabs.

Step 14: Put the whole assembly in an anti-static pad and have yourself in an anti-static strap.

Step 15: Remove the steering angle sensor cover.

Step 16: By now, you should be seeing the optical disc and the IR LED at the bottom of the disc. Remove the plastic material covering the IR LED.

Step 17: Clean the front side of the optical disc with the Meguiar #10 Clear Plastic Polish.

Step 18: Remove the three torx screws on the control board.

Step 19: Free the board by releasing the black cables from the connector with the use of needle-nose pliers.

Step 20: Reflow the connections between the IR LED and the sensor of the board with the use of a soldering iron.

Step 21: Bring the parts back into their places. Simply reverse the steps of removing the steering angle sensor.

Step 22: Once everything is in place again, recalibrate your vehicle and check if the signals on the dashboard are still light up.

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