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Steering Cross Tube

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There are a lot of parts that help you steer your car toward the right direction. Obviously, you have the steering wheel, which is connected to the steering column that contains all sorts of components that help you turn your vehicle. Among the many parts in your vehicle’s steering column is a steering cross tube. It helps the column perform its primary duty of transferring the driver’s input torque from the steering wheel to your automobile’s front wheels. The steering column, aside from its direction-changing purpose, also performs some other secondary functions. It helps dissipate the energy in case of a frontal collision, protecting the driver from the excessive force that could cause serious physical injuries or worse. The column also provides a mounting platform for different kinds of objects and devices such as the multi-function switch, a column shroud, a column lock, some wiring, gauges, and in some cases, the gear shift lever. Of course, most new vehicles have floor or column-mounted gear selectors, but there were a lot of older cars that had column-mounted shift levers. The steering column also usually allows for some height adjustments, giving you the ability to find a height setting that will be perfect for you. Of course, over years of use, the steering column and its many parts, such as the steering cross tube, are bound to deteriorate and may eventually fail. You don’t want that to happen, which is why you must immediately find a replacement for the old pieces that are in your vehicle. Fortunately, finding a suitable substitute is now very easy, thanks to Auto Parts Warehouse.--end--For all of your steering cross tube and other steering parts needs, trust only Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a wide selection of steering components and we offer all of them at the lowest possible prices. Just type your car’s make, model, and year into our intuitive search tool and a list of all the compatible items that we have in our extensive catalog shall be generated and shown to you. Once you have selected a component, simply add it to your online cart and place an order using our extremely secure system. We will then make sure that your order will be quickly and promptly shipped to you from one of the many strategically located warehouses that we have all over the country. Get the right steering cross tube for your car today only here at Auto Parts Warehouse.