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If you think that professional race car drivers are the only ones who need a superior steering system because of what they do, then you should try driving a vehicle with poor steering in a road loaded with vehicles. It's going to be a miracle if you can get out of there unscathed and without feeling any stress at all. So if this scenario is not the ideal picture for your everyday driving, you should make the necessary replacements to your faulty parts. And that includes your vehicle's bad Steering Knuckle. Since steering is an important factor in preserving your safety while driving, you must quickly replace this worn out component. And this task won't be that hard since aftermarket products are capable replacement for your factory-installed component. A Steering Knuckle is made from heavy-duty materials that can help it outlast the everyday wear and tear. Not only that, it can also directly substitute your stock component saving you from making costly vehicle modifications just to guarantee a perfect fit. But aside from this, its OEM-fit also makes its installation a breeze. So even if you don't hire someone else to help you, you're confident that you can successfully do this task on your own. Even if you're not a race car driver, it's important that you have an excellent steering system installed in your car. So if a busted Steering Knuckle prevents you from getting that, be sure to replace it with a premium-quality component from Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

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Buy a New Steering Knuckle and Steer Around Like a Boss

Key suspension components allow your car to turn left and right with ease. They maintain stability for the wheels, tires, and other suspension parts. One of which is the steering knuckle?a suspension part rarely mentioned but is very vital for wheel alignment. Read on to know how to find the a good steering knuckle replacement if the one in your car is already worn out.

The best type of steering knuckle

Simply put, the best type of steering knuckle is the one that's compatible to your car. If you're going to look around for a replacement, you should mention your car's exact make, model, and year. Another way to look for that's fast and convenient is through an aftermarket website. You can easily find an exact replacement by using the same car info.

The common design of a steering knuckle is "direct cross" for almost all cars. Since they look the same, they will only vary in size. Aside from this, steel is also the most common material used in manufacturing a steering knuckle. When you do find a replacement, make sure that measurement is correct so it will fit well along with the other parts. It's one thing to see a part that looks the same, but it's a different problem when the size is incorrect.

The cost of a steering knuckle

As mentioned, a steering knuckle is one of the parts that last very long time. That's why if you need to replace yours, prepare at least $40 for an individual piece. The best deal ranges between $120-$250, and the most it can reach is $500. You can also find a pair if you need to replace both steering knuckles of your car. These prices come with warranties to assure you of only the best quality, so you should buy from the trusted brands in the market.

Repair Guides

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Put Power into Your Steering by Replacing Your Old Steering Knuckle

Do you feel some stiffness in your steering? Do you think that the wheels aren't aligned the same? Then this easy, step-by-step guide will teach you how to replace a steering knuckle in an easier way.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools checklist:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stand
  • Impact wrench
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Jaw puller
  • Socket set
  • Hammer
  • New steering knuckle

Note: The type of suspension in this guide is a McPherson strut type.

Step 1: Park your car on a clean, level surface, and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Loosen your front wheel's lug nuts, and jack the car until you can already remove the wheel and the tire.

Step 3: Place a jack stand underneath the car's solid frame close to where you are working.

Step 4: Remove the caliper from rotor, and then remove the mounting bracket. Don't let the caliper hang from the brake hose. Place it on a flat surface so it wouldn't hang from the brake hose. Remove the brake pads and slide the rotor off of the wheel hub.

Step 5: Use the screwdriver to remove the wheel hub from the axle.

Step 6: Remove the tie rod end that's attached to the steering knuckle, and the cotter pin at the bottom of the tie rod end. You can attach a jaw puller to pull the tie rod from the steering knuckle.

Step 7: Unbolt the steering knuckle from the strut assembly and from the ball joint below. By this time, the steering knuckle is completely detached.

Step 8: Attach the new steering knuckle and secure to the ball joint and strut assembly.

Step 9: Start placing the parts back until you have attached the caliper.

Step 10: Fit the wheel back into place, secure it with the lug nuts, and disengage the car's mount. Test the new steering knuckle by turning the wheel from left and right.

This entire process will take about 1 hour for an expert DIYer and 2 hours for a regular handyman.

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