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There are only two modes of communication: verbal and non-verbal. While verbal communication is more commonly used, non-verbal communication is just as important—especially when it comes to driving. Unless you have lungs built for the opera, you can't shout out to other motorists if you're going to turn, slow down, or stop. The best way to communicate your intentions is through light signals. To stop, you need to activate your car's stoplight or brake light. Since this is a very important signaling device, all its parts—especially the stoplight switch—need to be in good condition at all times. This switch completes the electrical circuit to the stop light whenever you step on the brakes. You will find this switch under the dashboard, near the top portion of the brake pedal. For optimal performance, check it for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis. If this device gets busted, you might be caught unaware and before you know it, you've been rear-ended already because it didn't provide an accurate signal to other motorists. A defective stoplight switch may cause the brake lights to function intermittently or not at all. Once it shows signs of under performance, replace it as soon as possible. Installing a replacement is quite easy and can be performed by any do-it-yourself mechanic. You can get a first-rate replacement here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our catalog features stoplight switches from top aftermarket manufacturers.

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