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Chassis flex? Get yourself a Strut Bar. You've probably heard about this amazing suspension accessory that serious car modders rave about. The bar is typically used together with a unibody chassis and MacPherson struts to fortify strut towers. Chassis flex results from the movement of the strut towers and the bar reduces this flex by holding the parallel towers together. This accessory makes the vehicle more stable when it corners as each strut tower's load is transmitted by the bar. There are many strut bars today for various makes and models, so you won't have a difficult time finding something that matches your car's specs. These bars are very durable since they're made of premium materials that resist wear, tear and rust for a long time. To get your own Strut Bar, take a look at our catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have over 550,000 auto parts and accessories in our listing, so the suspension accessory you're looking for is definitely here-and at an affordable price, too, 'cause our prices are the lowest in the market. Plus, we have the ability to ship orders extremely fast as we have numerous warehouses strategically located nationwide. Chuck out your chassis flex. Order a new, heavy-duty Strut Bar today.

Buying Guides

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What to Consider When Getting a Strut Bar

Installing a strut bar is a popular modification because it's easy to do and it makes a big difference in improving the quality of your ride. Also known as a strut brace or a strut tower brace, a strut bar provides a solid connection between your vehicle's strut towers, thus limiting the amount of flexing and twisting experienced by your chassis every time you make turns. This gives you more stable handling while reducing the stress on your vehicle's suspension system. With the right information, getting an aftermarket strut bar is a purchase you won't regret.

Kinds of Strut Bars

  • Front strut bars - These improve your vehicle's responsiveness in making turns and add comfort to your ride. They are also easy to install since many vehicles have pre-drilled holes and the right nuts you need to mount a front strut bar.
  • Rear strut bars - These also improve your vehicle's performance in negotiating turns. However, they are a bit harder to install since you may need to drill the mounting holes yourself.

The kind of strut bar you get will depend on the setup of your vehicle's suspension system. For example, if your vehicle has only front struts and rear shock absorbers, then you can only install a front strut bar. If your vehicle has four shock absorbers and uses no struts at all, then you won't be able to install a strut bar unless you have a suspension conversion done.

Quick strut bar tips:

  • Strut bars are made out of different materials like magnesium, steel, certain alloys, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. Aluminum is the most common since it's cheap and saves weight. Stainless steel bars are more rigid and durable. Higher-quality strut bars are made of titanium, which has the rigidity of steel and the lightweight property of aluminum. Carbon fiber is another high-end option.
  • Adjustable strut bars allow you to set them to your preferred level of rigidity. However, for casual driving applications, a non-adjustable strut bar will do.
  • Certain car manufacturers, like Audi, BMW, Toyota, and Pontiac make their own specific strut bars. See if you can get an aftermarket strut bar from your vehicle's manufacturer for a direct fit and easier installation.
  • Major strut bar manufacturers include Cusco, JIC Magic, DC Sports, Greddy, and Whiteline.
  • Be sure to consult your vehicle's service manual for specific details that will help in your decision.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Strut Your Ride!: Installing a Strut Bar

A strut bar, also known as a strut brace or a strut tower brace, can improve the quality of your ride by solidly connecting your vehicle's strut towers. What this does is reduce the amount of flexing and twisting your chassis is subjected to whenever you negotiate turns—giving you better, more stable handling while reducing wear on your vehicle's suspension. Installing a quality, aftermarket strut bar is an easy job you can do with a few basic tools.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here's what you'll need:

  • Socket set and ratchet
  • Open-ended wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • Degreaser spray
  • Clean rag
  • Front strut bar
  • Vehicle owner manual

NOTE: If your vehicle was used recently, we recommend letting the engine cool over a few hours first before starting the procedure.

Step 1: Open the hood of your vehicle and spray degreaser onto the strut towers and the upper strut holding bolts. Wipe them clean with the rag.

Step 2: See how the upper strut is mounted to the body. You should find nuts securing the upper parts of the struts to the body. Remove them with a socket.

Step 3: Take the front strut bar and lay it out on your engine bay. Check if it's a good fit by seeing if you can completely close the hood of your vehicle without hitting the strut bar.

Step 4: Install your new strut bar by bolting it into place using the nuts you removed earlier. Use your torque wrench to tighten the nuts as specified in the instructions that came with the strut bar.

Step 5: Use your open-ended wrench to adjust the center nut of the bar so that the bar is firmly tensioned against both strut towers.

Step 6: Check once more if you're able to properly close the hood of your vehicle without any interference from the new strut bar.

If you don't find any pre-drilled holes for your strut bar, you will have to drill the holes yourself. Refer to your vehicle's owner manual for specifications that may require you to deviate from these general instructions.

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