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If you leave your vehicle's strut for even just a day without a bearing to minimize the wear and tear, it would definitely gain so much strain that could push it to its breaking point. Now that's something you want to avoid since the strut keeps your vehicle's proper balance while making sharp turns. So if your Strut Bearing starts to exhibit signs of failure, you need to make sure that you can quickly make the necessary replacement. By doing this, you're guaranteed that the strut won't easily go down to premature deterioration. This bearing could do just that for your strut because it can greatly reduce the friction between metal components. So by lessening the abrasion and heat dealt to your suspension parts, you can ensure that you won't be replacing them anytime soon. An aftermarket component like this is built from tough materials that can outlast the harshest driving conditions as well as various contaminants. Not only that, it's also designed to fit right into your vehicle's specifications making it a direct substitute for your stock part. This saves you from making modifications to your rig just to guarantee an OEM-fit. Lastly, installing this part is effortless so you're ensured that you can accomplish it on your own. Even if it's just one day, it's not advisable to leave your vehicle's strut without a Strut Bearing that's in good shape. So if you need a replacement part like this, you can get one here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

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Getting the Right Strut Bearing Replacement

That clunking sound you hear from your suspension strut might do more than just annoy you; it might be a sign of your strut bearing starting to wear out. When that happens, not only is your strut bearing damaged, but your strut may also be on the verge of breaking. Get the right strut bearing replacement before your car suffers from poor suspension.

Which strut bearing replacement should be used?

Strut bearings are designed for different applications. They are installed on the front, the upper front, passenger side front, driver side front, and the upper side. Also, the size, design, and type of strut bearing will depend on its location, so it’s important to know where it needs to be replaced before making any other move.

Strut bearing replacements can fit a variety of makes and models, so make sure you consult your car manual to know your car’s specs before making a purchase. Replacement strut bearing replacements are quite affordable. Prices range from about $ 3 to $ 100, depending on the strut bearing location. We recommend strut bearing replacements that are made from high-quality materials such as natural rubber and metal.

We also recommend that you select strut bearings with features that include permanent lubrication, high static load carrying capacity due to a full complement of rolling elements, effective protection against contamination, and optimized design in terms of mounting space.

What to look for in a strut bearing replacement?

When looking for a replacement strut bearing, it will help first-time DIY-ers to select one that comes with a guide for installation. By installing your brand-new strut bearing on your own, you’ll be able to save extra cash, and at the same time, work like a pro.

There is a huge selection of strut bearing replacements out there, so be fully aware of your options before making a purchase. Remember that your car only deserves the most durable parts. Choose only from trusted names in the industry to make sure that you’re buying something that’s worth your every penny. Aside from finding the strut bearing that perfectly fits the vehicle, get one that suits your budget as well.

Repair Guides

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8 Steps in Replacing Your Car

Whenever your car makes a sharp turn as you drive, the strut gives it proper balance to ensure your driving safety. Along with that, the strut bearing was created to make sure that the strut does not deteriorate. With the strut bearing worn out, the strut would have nothing to rely on when it comes to reducing the friction in your suspension parts. Don’t let a day pass without having the broken part replaced. The following steps will guide you in replacing your car’s strut bearing.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you’ll need:

  • Car jack
  • Ratchet
  • Set of wrenches
  • Drive sockets
  • Hammer

Step 1: Jack the car up and make sure you have enough space to work around your car. Your tools should also be within your reach.

Step 2: To detach your car’s worn-out strut bearing, start by removing the drive shaft. Measure the OD of the strut bearing to decide on the appropriate bearing puller washer.

Step 3: Move the puller coupler through the strut and affix the appropriate bearing puller washer with its bolt. Next, align the bearing puller with the strut bearing and hammer the strut bearing out of the strut.

Step 4: To install the new strut bearing, similar to what you did in Step 2, decide on the appropriate bearing puller washer by measuring the OD of the strut bearing to be attached.

Step 5: Again, move the puller coupler through the strut, but this time, put the strut bearing on a puller coupler and fasten it with a bearing puller and its bolt. Line up the bearing with the inside of the strut barrel to make sure that the orientation is correct. Barrel damage may occur if the strut bearings are not pulled in straight.

Step 6: Use a hammer to align the strut bearing with the shaft end of the strut barrel gently.

Step 7: Thrust the puller back through the strut and put the second strut bearing on the puller coupler. Hammer this until the front edge of the strut bearing is aligned with the forward end of strut barrel.

Step 8: Pull out the puller from the strut and re-install the drive shaft. Finally, you can take your car out for a spin.

Strut bearing replacement will take more or less an hour for an expert DIY-er.

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