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Subframe Bushing

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Subframe Bushing Products

Can you imagine seating on a car seat that doesn't have any cushion while your vehicle goes over road bumps? If thinking about it gives you painful images in your mind, you already have an idea of what the subframe goes through if it's not properly cushioned. So to make sure that you can reduce the wear it experiences whenever you drive over rough terrains, you need a good working Subframe Bushing installed. The philosophy behind this component is pretty simple: by stifling the blows dealt to your vehicle's subframe, you can guarantee that it won't easily go down to deterioration. So by acquiring a component like this, you can help it prolong its lifespan. Now to make sure that this bushing can withstand such straining task, it's constructed from heavy-duty materials. And this makes it more durable against the daily wear and tear that comes with its function. Additionally, it's designed to fit right into the specifications of several vehicle makes and models. By doing this, you can guarantee a perfect fit without making any unnecessary vehicle modifications. To top it all off, installing this part can be done in a snap so you won't need to spend more cash in hiring a professional mechanic to help you out. Without a Subframe Bushing that can act as a cushion, your vehicle's subframe won't be able to withstand the rough ride. So be sure to keep this vehicle component safe by acquiring this bushing here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Buying Guides

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Choosing the Right Subframe Bushing

The subframe serves as a structural support component for your vehicle. It carries important car parts such as the suspension, exhaust sytem and the engine. To provide a solid support, the subframe distributes the weight of supported components to several pressure points wherein bushings are installed. The bushings function as buffers to protect the subframe from the damage of daily wear and tear. If you notice that your bushings are worn out, it is probably time to buy replacement parts and let the mechanic replace it for you. We wouldn't want you to make uninformed choices, so here's a short guide to help you choose the right subframe bushing for your car.

Aluminum Subframe Bushing

If you want a long-lasting replacement, aluminum subframe bushings are perfect for you. Aluminum subframe bushings last the longest as it is made of sturdy aluminum alloy that effectively protects the subframe from incoming impact and vibration. The only downside to aluminum subframe bushing is that it appears to be inefficient in absorbing vibration. Because of this, you might feel a little discomfort due to unfiltered vibrations and impacts while driving. The driver can experience harsh nudges whenever crossing road bumps or driving on rough roads.

Rubber Subframe Bushing

If comfort is what you need, rubber subframe bushings guarantee the best handling due to its ability to absorb vibration and impact well. Rubber subframe bushings are effective shock absorbers because of its visco-elastic character. Harsh impacts that reach rubber subframe bushings are buffered and absorbed through its ability to reduce G levels. Other rubber-based variations are also available such as polyurethane subframe bushings or others made of highly-damped and polymeric solid materials. Rubber-based subframe bushings are standard factory components of most cars. Other polymeric variations are mostly used for race cars that need higher resistance to vibration and road impact.

Repair Guides

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Gears Up: A DIY Guide to Subframe Bushing Installation<h2>

Your car's subframe sustains a certain amount of damage every time your vehicle rides on a bump, turns a sharp curve, or drives straight on rough roads. To prevent this, engineers created a genuine solution to the problem?subframe bushing. Subframe bushing is basically is made up of heavy duty metal rings that have soft cushions inside them. These bushings are placed in each corner of the subframe to protect it from incoming damage. Having broken or inappropriately cushioned bushings can lead to further damage to the subframe, so let's not beat around the bush and go straight to a simple step-by-step process of subframe bushing installation.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Tools you'll need:

  • Thinner
  • Matches/Lighter/Propane torch
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • New subframe bushing
  • Hammer
  • Rag

Step 1: At least 2 hours before you begin with the installation, put the new subframe bushings on the refrigerator so that it would be more compact and easier to install.

Step 2: To replace your subframe bushing, ask a professional mechanic to help you out in removing the entire frame off of the vehicle. This may require you to remove other parts of the car such as the exhaust system, seats, etc.

Step 3: Remove the subframe bushing by applying a can of thinner on the mounts, and burning it up using matches or a lighter. If the rubber isn't burnt enough, you can use a hacksaw to force the entire bushing off of the bushing mount.

Step 4: Place the bushing at the center of the mount and use a hammer to push it in until it fits snuggly into place.

Step 5: Re-install the subframe back to the vehicle with help from a professional. Go for a road test and see the difference.

Safety Tip: Removing the bushing from the mount is probably the hardest task to do, so it would be best to ask for DIY experts or auto mechanics to help you out on this.

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