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Since there's a wide gaping hole in our planet's ozone layer, everything on Earth is directly hit by the powerful UV rays coming from the sun. And if you don't keep yourself protected from such element, you could get dehydrated, incur sun burns, or sustain much worse skin diseases. But if things like sunglasses and umbrellas are there to shield your body, what would you use to protect your vehicle's interior from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays? For that, the Sun Shade is specifically designed. Why is it important to keep your interior away from the sun's rays anyway? Well, basically, if you don't want your dashboard and other interior components to look like it aged too soon, you'll need this vehicle accessory. With its ability to block off UV rays, you can guarantee that it won't do any harm to your rig's cabin. Now, to make sure that it can withstand this difficult task, it's crafted from special materials that are heat-resistant. So even if you use it everyday to cover your vehicle's interior, you can rely on it to provide excellent performance. Additionally, it's customized to match your vehicle's settings to make sure that you can perform an easy installation process. So even if the ozone layer is too weak to shield your car from UV rays, you can easily provide your own protection by using a Sun Shade. And if you want a top-notch product installed, get it here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Buying Guides

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Picking the Best Sun Shade for Your Precious Passenger

When a family man chooses a car, it doesn't matter if it's fast or pimped out. All that matters is that the car is safe enough to drive when a baby's on board. While airbags and seatbelts provide proactive protection for your family, you also need a car accessory that will guard them from immediate dangers, such as harmful UV rays. So when you find yourself with a crying baby that can't take the glaring sun, it's about time you get sun shades for your car.

Sun shade size for your little one

A shade that is too short will not give you the adequate shade to protect your little one's face and eyes. But getting one that is too wide can also pose as a driving hazard. That is why size is the most important factor to look into when buying sun shades. In order to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun, you should be able to effectively cover your entire window without making the interior of your car too dark. The best way to get a perfectly sized sun shade is by measuring your car's window and windshield sizes.

Different sun shades for different babies

When choosing the right type of sun shade, it is not enough to consider which one gives a better shade. You also have to think about how safe these shades are. Canopy types are smaller-sized canopies fitted to your child's car seat. In terms of protection, this type of sun shade offers the best one, as it blocks the harmful rays from all sides. But if your child feels uncomfortable with the minimal vision from this type of shade, a window sun shade would be a better choice. A car window sun shade provides protection from direct sunlight by covering your windows with an opaque or slight transparent material. Window sun shades come in to different types as well. If you want a more flexible sun shade that will allow you to move it up and down according to the weather, then you should consider a roller window shade for your car. But if you want a cheaper, but just as effective, alternative, then you could also install a sun shade with suction cups.

Other things to consider

It's true that children learn a lot from their environment and adding stuff here and there in your car can stimulate learning. But it is also a fact that your car is still a moving object prone to accidents. So when choosing sun shades, always check the make and design of your shades. Beware of the shade attachments and accessories that can be harmful to your child, especially inside a moving vehicle. These attachments can cause choking or can poke your child with the sudden brake of your car. Also, as a rule of thumb, do not install products that have not been crash tested to your vehicle. These can be dangerous to both to the child and the driver.

Repair Guides

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Installing and Cleaning the Sun Shade

If you've ever scorched your hands by touching a hot steering wheel, you know it's about time to get sun shades for your car. The sun shade helps protect the interior of your car while it is parked and out in the sun. So don't let your car cook up like an oven. Keep your car cool at all times with a properly installed and maintained sun shade.

Installing your sun shade

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Sun shade

Step 1: Before opening your sun shade and installing it inside your car, make sure that your windshield glass is clean. Using a glass cleaner and paper towels, wipe your windshield area focusing on the inside ends.

Step 2: Open your sun shade to prepare it for installation. For easier handling, unfold your sun shade while you're inside your car. Don't open it outside and then force its way in. This can damage or deform your sun shade.

Step 3: Fit your sun shade to your windshield area. Start at the bottom and slowly slide its edge onto the lower end of your dashboard. Press the sun shade against your windshield mirror from the bottom up to the upper edges. It should be as close to the glass as possible to ensure that the entire interior of your car is properly protected from the sun.

Step 4: Some sun shades have suction cups around the corners to secure them to your windshield. But if your sun shades do not have these parts, you can simply pull your sun visors down and press them towards your windshield. This will help hold them against the windshield glass.

Step 5: Now that you've successfully installed your sun shade, you can leave your car anywhere without worrying about the sun's hot rays damaging the interior of your car.

Cleaning your sun shade

Difficulty: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Bottle with spray nozzle
  • Liquid detergent
  • Borax

Step 1: Mix a qt. of warm or hot water with a tsp. each of liquid detergent and borax in a spray bottle. Always use spray bottles instead of a basin when mixing your cleaning solution. It makes the application of the liquid to your sun shade easier.

Step 2: Open your sun shade and spread it onto a flat surface to prepare it for cleaning. Using the mixture made in Step 1, spray over your shade and let the cleaning solution sip in. Allow it to soak into your sun shade for 20 minutes.

Step 3:Rinse off the solution by hosing it down. Do not completely submerge the shade in a basin of water to rinse it. This can lead to wrinkles in your sun shade and can also cause deformity.

Step 4: Dry your shade under the sun for two to three hours. Once dried, you can fold or retract your sun shade for future use.

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