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Sun Visor Repair Kit

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Driving with a broken sun visor is not only uncomfortable; it can also cause fatal accidents on the road. You see, if the glare of the sun hits your eyes and impairs your vision, you’ll definitely have a hard time seeing the road ahead of you. And if you’re quite unlucky, this may cause you to get into a road mishap. If you are currently sporting a damaged visor in your vehicle, the best thing you can do is fix it right away by getting a brand-new sun visor repair kit. See to it that you get one that includes almost everything that you need to make the job a piece of cake. Most visors today are attached using adhesive, so you won’t need any kind of specialized tool for installation. However, you need to make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully because removing and reinstalling the component may cause it to degrade. Also, don’t forget to buy a sun visor repair kit that is manufactured by a brand that you can trust. This will get rid of all your worries with regard to quality and functionality. --end--If you’re looking for a sun visor repair kit that you can rely on, don’t go anywhere else and stay right here at Auto Parts Warehouse–the most trusted source of high-quality car parts and accessories on the Net. Our website currently has one of the biggest selections of automotive products on the market–with over two million parts in stock–so you’ll definitely find what you need in a flash. Get a component that complements your vehicle make and model by using our convenient part finder feature. Just enter the important details about your car like the year, make, and model to start searching. If you’re worried about the security of our site, you’ll be glad to know that we offer worry-free transactions that are backed by our order tracking service. This feature allows you to make inquiries about the status of your purchase anytime you want. To top it all off, we also offer the best deals in town that are brought to you by our price match guarantee. This ensures you get the part you want at very low warehouse prices that won’t hurt your pocket. What more can you ask for? Hurry! Browse our site to find a sun visor repair kit that’s perfect for your vehicle repairs. Buy one from our catalog today!

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How to Find the Right Sun Visor Repair Kit

After using them for some time, those sun visors in your ride will start to flop down or sag. Even if you didn’t use them frequently, they can also become damaged due to several factors. Besides stress and regular wear, heat can also cause the plastic parts of these components to get brittle and eventually fail. The screws can also have loose threads and therefore become less efficient in keeping the visors in place. The holes where the screws are inserted can also be stripped.

No matter what the reason, a sagging or hanging sun visor should not be ignored as it won’t just cause annoyance but can also become a safety concern once it droops to a point where it can block a part of your field of vision. Luckily, there are now sun visor repair kits that can help you fix this problem easily.

Why get a sun visor repair kit

The best thing about getting a repair kit is that you can have everything you need in fixing your sun visors in just one transaction. Even if you’ve already identified the reason why your sun visors are drooping, you’ll never know what other types of damage will come up while you’re doing the fix. Your sun visors can have torn backing material, rusted screws, and other issues. With a kit, you’ll never have to worry about the problems that may come up suddenly because you have everything needed to fix them.

How to choose the right sun visor repair kit

Not all kits are the same; one kit may contain components other kits don’t. So before shelling out bucks for a repair kit, make sure it fits your needs and it’s designed for the type of sun visors installed in your ride.

A sun visor repair kit may contain some or all of these: fabric for the visor’s backing material, replacement sun visors, step-by-step repair guide or instructions, adhesive, replacement screws, and replacement support brackets. If you think your sun visors are still fine and the only problem is the torn backing material or rusted screws, then you can choose a repair kit that contains only what you need to save yourself from paying for the products that you won’t be using.

Repair Guides

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Sun Visor Repair Kit: Tightening a Droopy Sun Visor

An automotive sun visor is designed to swivel and flip up and down to prevent sunlight from getting through your windshield and side windows and causing inconvenience while you’re driving. But after using this component for some time, it will start to sag or hang down due to loose or damaged screws and other factors. That’s what the sun visor repair kit is for. It contains all the components and hardware you may need to fix a droopy sun visor and bring back its good working condition.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you’ll need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Sun visor repair kit
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Step 1: Park your ride in a well-lit area or garage for you to clearly see the sun visor and the area around it. Protect your eyes from dirt, screws, or other things that may fall while you’re doing the repair by wearing safety glasses.

Step 2: With the droopy sun visor in folded position, align and hold it in its proper place, against the car’s headliner. If your ride’s sun visor comes with a clip on both ends of the support bracket, secure the visor in its position by engaging the clips.

Step 3: With the Phillips-head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screws that hold the sun visor support bracket in place. If your droopy visor has been like that for a while now, it’s possible that its screws are damaged or are not at the right angle. If this is the case with your sun visor, removing the screws and replacing the damaged ones can solve the problem.

Step 4: Fix the alignment of the sun visor and its bracket in such a way that the holes line up. Insert each screw in every hole and tighten it by hand and then by the screwdriver. Stop once the screw is fitted snugly in place.

Step 5: Test how snug the sun visor is by moving it up and down as well as to its left and right, like the way you’d move it while you’re driving. If your sun visor is now fitted snugly in place, you’re done with the repair. If it’s still sagging, it’s possible that the holes where the screws are slotted in may be stripped. To remedy this, proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Loosen and remove all the screws from the sun visor and its mounting bracket. Get replacement screws that are slightly bigger and larger than the original.

Step 7: Check if the screws included in the sun visor repair kit will fit in the sun visor’s holes before trying them on the support bracket. If they fit, position the sun visor to the bracket and hold it in place by inserting and tightening the new screws.

Step 8: Test the movement and snugness of the sun visor.

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