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Do not risk meeting an accident from poor road vision caused by direct sunlight. Equip your car with a reliable sun visor to block the blinding glare from the sun. A sun visor is a part of a vehicle found on the interior just above the windshield. Most vehicles have two sun visors, one for the driver's side and the other for the passenger's side, with the rear-view mirror usually in the middle of the two visors. Each visor can be pulled down to help block the sunlight that is coming through the windshield. They can also be turned to the front side window to lessen sun exposure on the side. A lot of visors also include a vanity mirror for your passenger's convenience. In some visors, a flip up cover over the mirror automatically switches on the vanity lights, which can be adjusted with a sliding dimmer control. Lately, a new and much improved kind of sun visors came out that have LCD screens, DVD players, and other features. They can also be purchased as an option or standard item from manufacturers with garage door opener systems such as HomeLink built into the visors. For more practical uses, sun visors also act as wallets to hold papers, cards, receipts, and other miscellaneous items. Another updated visor is the automatic sun visor. In this type of visor, the driver's visor operates independently from the passenger's visor. A sensor detects your passengers' eye positions and the amount of light hitting their face. When needed, a motor adjusts the visor properly by rotating it downward on a track hidden in the ceiling of your vehicle. Automatic visors seem more like sunglasses for your automobile for they are tinted and are transparent. They block the sun without blocking your road vision. So equip your car with the best visor to help you drive without worrying about the glare from the sun.Right here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you can find the finest sun visor for your vehicle. We have a great selection of top quality visors and other car parts from the most trusted brands. And you will find our prices to be very affordable. Buy now and we will quickly ship your orders. A secure on-line transaction is guaranteed. We also have 24/7 customer service and live chat to give you added assistance. Experience better road vision and comfort while driving with superior sun visors.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Best Sun Visor for Your Ride

A sun visor is used to block the harsh rays of the sun and protect your eyes from its glare. Since it comes in different types and styles, you have to choose carefully which one will best fit your ride. A good sun visor can improve your vehicle's overall interior look while beating the heat at the same time.

Types of sun visor

  • Manual
  • This type can be manually rotated in a downward position, so you can easily pull it down once the sun hits your eyes and push it back up when you don't need it. Plus, you won't have a hard time installing a manual sun visor because it comes with built-in metal attachment rods. Another good thing about this type is you can also use it as a "wallet" to store some of your stuff such as important registration papers, driver's license, and even some of your favorite CDs. We recommend this type if you want additional protection and extra storage space at the same time.

  • Automatic
  • An automatic sun visor is built with a motor and a sensor that help adjust its position accordingly. Unlike a manual sun visor, it comes in a tinted, transparent material and blocks the sun without decreasing visibility. This type is particularly useful when you're driving under direct sunlight, as it can detect and block blinding reflections effectively, especially those bouncing off the bumpers and rear windows. It can also help keep the interior cooler when the vehicle's parked, as you can lower it to give your windshield full coverage. Although it doesn't give you extra storage space, an automatic sun visor is basically more convenient to use.

Other things to consider when choosing a sun visor

  • Size
  • Compact to mid-size vehicles may use standard-size sun visors (24" x 58"), while SUVs and RVs should go for the larger size (27" x 67"). Measure your car's windshield first to find out its exact size.

  • Design
  • For automatic sun visors, choose one with a transition-like design that can darken or lighten according to your needs. Also, visors made of reflective or shiny materials are great choices, as these can effectively bounce back heat. For increased visibility, fiberglass sun visors are also recommended.

  • Cost
  • A sun visor costs around $50 to $150. If you're working on a tight budget, a manual sun visor is a good choice, as it is less expensive than the automatic type.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Sun Visor Replacement Made Easy

A sun visor helps protect your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun. It can improve your visibility and also maintain your dashboard's good condition. Flipping the sun visor up and down constantly may result in wear and tear. Once this part becomes damaged, replace it as soon as possible to prevent the sun from blocking your vision.

Here are the tools you need and the steps to follow in replacing your worn-out sun visor:

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools that you'll need:

  • Small, flat-head screwdriver
  • Socket set
  • Screws

Step 1: If your sun visor has electrical wiring, disconnect the car's battery first. Next, pull the sun visor down and locate its mounting brackets or the screws holding it in place. Some brackets are concealed with a plastic cover. Find the covers and remove them.

Step 2: Detach the sun visor from its hanging lock. Use a flat-head screwdriver to take the screws out. Insert it under the removal notch. Be careful not to tear up the visor's plastic while doing this.

Step 3: Once the screwdriver is inserted, twist it to pop the covers off the screws.

Step 4: Take out all screws holding the visor mount to your car's roof. You need to start unscrewing from the base for easier removal. Set the screws aside and keep them in a secure place because you will need them for installation later on.

Step 5: After loosening the screws, you can now remove the sun visor from its mounting brackets. Gently tug it from headliner's base. If your sun visor contains electrical fitting for the vanity mirror, disconnect the wiring harness first before freeing the visor.

Step 6: Position the new sun visor over the mounting holes and put the screws back in. Tighten them using the screwdriver.

Step 7: For sun visors with electrical fitting, connect the wiring harnesses first. Make sure the screws are tightened and the electrical components are working properly before pushing the new sun visor in place.

Sun visor installation takes only a few minutes and can be done even by an amateur DIYer.

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