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Supercharger Belt

We have 29 Items for Supercharger Belt In-stock.

Fuel leaks are some of the most annoying problems that can ‘hurt’ your vehicle. Not only is precious fuel wasted, but the flammable fluid is also scattered all over—messy and a fire hazard. Most fuel leaks are caused by faulty fuel lines, but they can also happen in other places such as where the fuel sending unit joins the fuel tank. In case you didn’t know, the fuel sending unit is the device that detects the fuel levels in the tank and relays that information to the gauge on your ride’s dashboard. A leak there almost always means that the fuel sending unit o-ring is already defective. This small ring is what makes sure the seal between the tank and sending unit is snug. When the O-ring is worn-out already, fuel may seep out, and as the ring degrades further, more fuel is wasted. When you replace the fuel sending unit, it’s a good idea to replace the o-ring as well. This ensures a good seal and less chance for a leak to appear. With today’s high fuel prices, every drop is too expensive to be wasted. A high-quality fuel sending unit o-ring will be able to put a stop to those nasty fuel leaks.--end--Auto Parts Warehouse has all the right parts and accessories you need in order to repair your car. We have fuel sending unit o-rings that are made by leading parts manufacturers in the industry. Only the highest-quality materials are used to make the o-rings that we sell. These parts adhere to OE standards and specifications to ensure perfect fit—this is very important when it comes to stoppers such as gaskets, seals, and o-rings. To browse the many other parts that we sell (over two million of them, in fact), you can use the “shop by vehicle” function to view all the parts that are compatible with your ride. It narrows down the search results, and makes sure that you get only the parts that fit. When shopping with us, you’ll notice that our prices are very affordable. That’s because our Low Price Guarantee ensures that we’ll do a price match if you find the same part sold at a lower price elsewhere. You’ll surely get the best deals on auto parts if you shop at Auto Parts Warehouse. It’s time to get rid of that pesky fuel leak. Order a fuel sending unit o-ring from us right away!