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Suspension Lift Component Box

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Planning to enhance your overall driving experience by giving your vehicle several inches of lift? There are various suspension lift kits available in the market for you to choose from. And to make the upgrade complete, don't forget to get a suspension lift component box. Lifting your vehicle will give you a wide range of benefits. If you've always wanted to have bigger tires in your ride, a lift kit will give you that because it will increase room in the wheel well. And with your car's bigger rigs and enhanced height, it's sure to get a commanding look that will catch everybody's attention. Lifting your auto will make it look offroad-ready, and that goes more than just looks. With the chassis and body of your car lifted and brought a little farther from the ground, you now have increase ground clearance and can already travel in rocky or rugged terrains without all those debris, stones, and fallen tree branches scratching and attacking your vehicle's undercarriage. However, a lift kit alone won't suffice. To complete your lifting project, a suspension lift component box is a must. This package is designed to finish off your suspension upgrade and give you improved overall ride quality.Different component boxes contain different parts and hardware, with some of the kits already including all that's needed to complete the lift while others may require that you get additional complementing kits. Some of the components that you'll typically find in a suspension lift component box are u-bolt kits, track bar brackets, bump stops, links (upper and lower), spring bushing kits, and other mounting hardware. When getting any of the kits in the market, check whether the package will require some other components or demand some modifications for them to be installed. Some other kits require a new drag link; others demand such processes as drilling and cutting to be mounted. Some kits are also designed to work only for a specific suspension lift and a particular ride height, at which case you need to be sure that the kit you get is compatible with your suspension lift kit. You'll have no problem finding the right suspension lift component box if you shop here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our selection of parts is complete, and we have a part finder that will help make your search easy. Shop here today and give your vehicle the upgrade that it needs.

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Increase your Truck's Height with a Suspension Lift Component Box

Using a suspension lift component box may be quite difficult, but it's worth the effort when you see your truck's new look. Modify your truck's suspension system to get an increase of 4 to 6 inches to its height. Since this project involves working with very vital parts of the vehicle, it is advisable to ask help from a professional if you have any doubts on the procedure. Read this overview guide to give you a jumpstart before you start the modification.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools needed:

  • Wheel chocks
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Socket set
  • Wrench set
  • Measuring tape
  • Suspension lift component box

Step 1: Park your car on a flat and well lit area for the installation. Engage the parking brake and put wheel chocks on the rear wheels. Raise the truck with a floor jack and secure it with jack stands. Make sure you place the stand behind the front spring shackles.

Step 2: Remove the front tires. With the suspension exposed, remove the shocks, u-bolts, and the main suspension assembly. Depending on the model, this can either be coil springs, struts, or leaf springs. For some models, it may be necessary to remove other parts such as the ABS line, tie rod, anti sway bar, torsion bar, and other specific parts.

Step 3: Install the new main suspension assembly from the kit. Put the other new parts with the kit such as u-bolts, studs, bars, and struts. For leaf springs, don't fully tighten yet. This will be done before lowering the car.

Step 4: Return the front tires. If your truck has one, adjust the turning radius block to see that the wheel's inner face is not in contact with any part.

Step 5: Check the clearance of the whole assembly with your measuring tape. Once you are sure that everything is at a good distance between each other, tighten all the parts according to specification.

Step 6: Lower the front of the car to finish.

Step 7: For the rear end of the truck, the steps for installation are similar to the steps for the front. It may change depending on your vehicles rear suspension system, if it has any attachments, and the lift component box you will install.

This installation will take between 2 to 4 hours.


  1. Be careful during disassembly of the suspension. Since this part carries a heavy load, it may suddenly fall and drop. Make sure everything is checked and supported before completely removing anything.
  2. The set is designed to work altogether. Use only the parts supplied by the kit. Don't make changes to increase height or just because you think it's better that way.

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