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Suspension Lift Kit

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Suspension Lift Kit Products

Jeeps, truck, and SUVs are built to be tough. But that doesn't mean they can't be equipped with additional accessory to make them even tougher. Now aside from beefing up its exterior, one thing you should look into is its undercarriage. To ensure that it has the capabilities of withstanding your off-road demands, you could strengthen it with the help of a Suspension Lift Kit. This kit is often utilized by off-road enthusiasts to raise the height of their trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles. It's mainly composed of lift blocks, coil springs, strut spacers, and shocks to help give you that heightened clearance. Increasing your vehicle's height can make a huge difference since once it's done, your ride will be able to accommodate a larger set of wheels and tires. Aside from this benefit, the increase in height can give your off-road vehicle the capability to easily ascend or descend steep roads. That way, your vehicle will be more than ready to handle going through rough terrain without compromising your safety. Each part in this kit is made from durable materials so you're assured that they'll last the rigors of everyday use. Additionally, they're made to match OEM specifications making them suitable replacements for your stock components. This design also makes the entire installation process hassle-free. The Suspension Lift Kit can give your vehicle that added height to help it move around better on the off-road. And if this is something you'd like to enjoy, be sure to get this kit here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Buying the Right Suspension Lift Kit for Your Vehicle

With bigger tires, come bigger responsibilities. Vehicles used for off-road purposes usually have abused suspension systems that come from their monster tires. That's why it is important to protect your ride from the extreme road conditions and debris. This is done with the use of a suspension lift kit. But how do you know which kit it perfect for your off-roading lifestyle? There are some basic types of suspension lift kits, each having its best application.

Spring Over Axle (SpOA)

If you want to go extreme, then a Spring Over Axle lift kit is ideal for this type of wheeling. It lifts your vehicle approximately 4.5" inches, giving you enough clearance for 31" tires. But this height is not what makes it popular among the rock crawling off-roaders. It also offers more side-to-side deflection for your springs and maximizes your vehicle's articulation (the way your wheels travel up and down). This kind of suspension lift kit will give larger tires lesser traction and allow it to climb rougher terrain, such as rocky mountains and muddy landscapes. So if you're looking for a suspension lift with the best power (and is relatively inexpensive and easy to install), a spring over axle type is the way to go.

Shackle reverse

Are you strap on cash and you want to lift your 4WD without the expensive upgrades? Then you can try installing a shackle reverse suspension lift kit on your vehicle. It is also preferred by a majority of do-it-yourselfers because of the ease of its installation. However, there are a lot of complications when choosing this type of lift. Aside from the fact that it cannot be used on short wheelbase vehicles, it is also not recommended if you plan to do some highway driving. This kind of kit does not offer the flexibility you will need if you plan to drive your 4WD both on the streets and off-road.

Coil suspensions

The best and most flexible kind of suspension lift kit is the coil suspension. It offers unparalleled suspension travel and allows you to have a butter-smooth ride, whether on rough terrains or flat highways. This kind of suspension lift is probably the most expensive kind of lifts out in the market. It needs a substantial amount of work to manufacture, which in turn gives out the best technology in suspension lift kits.

Lifted springs

Another commonly used suspension lift kit is the lifted springs type. It offers a good starting point for drivers who want to try their hand out on off-roading. It is fairly easy to install and it also offers the same flexibility as coil suspensions at a considerably lower price. It can run on larger tires and provides good clearance, all while still offering a good controlled 'feel' when on the highway.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Install a Suspension Lift Like a Pro

For good looks, better handling, and improved vehicle performance, giving the vehicle suspension a little boost is a must. To enjoy the benefits from this upgrade, make sure that you install the suspension lift kit the right way. For that, you need a detailed installation guide. Well, here are the steps you need to know to work like a pro even if for your first time:

Tools you need:

  • Jack
  • Screwdrivers
  • C-clamp

IMPORTANT: Check your suspension lift kit. Make sure it comes with bump stops, rear riser blocks and U-bolts, front differential and torsion bar drop brackets, a skid plate, brake hoses, and a reinforced subframe. This is a job that is best done with help from a friend.

Front suspension

Step 1: Jack up your vehicle and put it on a stand.

Step 2: Remove the torsion bars and crossmember.

Step 3: Take out the steering knuckles, shock absorbers, and lower control arms at the front.

Step 4: Position the subframe for the transfer case and secure it with the drop-down brackets, but don't tighten them all the way.

Step 5: Cut off about ? -inch of your tie rod to correct the alignment of your steering.

Step 6: Mount the new and longer brake hoses from your new suspension lift kit.

Step 7: Install the shock absorbers.

Step 8: Use the bump stop and its spacer to compensate for your suspension's new height.

Step 9: The exhaust system may need a little bending to give your driveshaft enough clearance, but you can choose to splice in a curved tube if you don't want to alter your system.

Step 10: Tap bolt holes of frame members to install the torsion bar's drop-down brackets.

Step 11: Install the torsion bar crossmember back in place.

Step 12: The torsion bar has a supporting part called ?pork chop', which you need to put tension on. You can do that with the use of a C-clamp.

Rear suspension

Step 1: Remove your old shocks and replace them with the longer shocks in the kit.

Step 2: Unbolt the leaf spring brackets and install the rear riser blocks between the axle and the leaf springs. Secure them with the U-bolts in the kit.

Step 3: Install the skid plate and you are done!

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