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Excessive body roll and difficult handling while cornering aren't always due to a damaged sway bar. Sometimes the culprit is a damaged sway bar link. This link attaches the sway bar to the control arm or axle housing and usually fails because of wear. Well, this should be expected since it's always subject to great pressure and stress. To continue enjoying a seamless road performance from your car, though, you must replace this broken link at once. Installing a new link is easy. What you must do is to remove the wheel lug nuts first. Then, lift your car using a jack and remove the lug nuts and the wheel. Once the sway bar is exposed, it'll be easy to identify the bad link. Next thing to do is to take out the nut that fastens the link to the sway bar. The new link can be placed on the location where the defective link was removed from. Make sure to insert the lower part first followed by the upper part for a precise fit. Once the new link is in place, fasten it to the sway bar with the nuts. Then, put back the wheel and lug nuts and you're done. See, you can install a new sway bar link in a breeze! If you need a new link now, you don't have to look far. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide array of quality auto parts and accessories in our expansive online catalog at very affordable prices. Shop here now!

Buying Guides

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Things to Remember When Buying a Sway Bar Link

Do you hear an odd clunking sound every time you go over bumps? Do you have a hard time driving because of poor handling? If you answered yes to both questions above, then chances are you have a busted sway bar link in your suspension that needs to be addressed immediately. You see, your suspension is one of the most abused systems inside your vehicle, so it comes as no surprise that it requires you care and attention more frequently. For instance, your sway bar link-the component that connects your sway bar or anti-roll bar to your chassis and suspension assembly-can wear out after several years of use. When this component gets busted, you'll experience excessive body roll or leaning while cornering. So before this hassle gets worse, you'd better address your faulty sway bar link right away.


Before you spend your cash and buy a replacement for your busted part, it's best to identify the source of the glitch first. Sway bar links are scattered all over your suspension and the number of links varies from vehicle to vehicle. Here are the locations of sway bar links in most assemblies:

  • Front - driver side
  • Front - passenger side
  • Front - upper
  • Front - lower
  • Front - outer
  • Front - rear
  • Front - center
  • Rear - driver side
  • Rear - passenger side
  • Rear - upper
  • Rear - lower
  • Top
  • Upper


There are two types of sway bar links in the market today: non-extended and extended.

  • Non-extended - this type is intended for vehicles that have not gone under any modifications in terms of height.
  • Extended - this particular type of sway bar link is made for vehicles that have been lifted or raised.
  • Cost

    Whether you're going to buy a sway bar link that's sold individually or in a set of two, it would typically cost you more or less than 50 USD. To ensure you get your money's worth, purchase from reliable brands that are backed by a good reputation


    Repair Guides

    Date Published :

    How to Replace your Faulty Sway Bar Link

    The sway bar link is the component that connects your sway bar to the lower control arm of your suspension. It's also the one in charge of keeping the sway bar in place while giving it room for movement when under stress. Since your suspension is one of the most abused systems in your ride, having damaged parts in this assembly is inevitable. So, if you feel like you have a busted link in your vehicle, you'd better address it right away before it gets out of hand. It's relatively easy to spot if you have a broken sway bar link in your system because you just need to be wary of loud clunking noises every time you go over bumps. Also, you might notice that your vehicle leans to one side and sways while cornering. So, if you want to get your car back on track, address that busted sway bar link as soon as you can.

    Difficulty level: Easy

    What you need to prepare:

    • Floor jack
    • Jack stands
    • Ratchet
    • Rubber hammer
    • Metric socket set
    • Metric wrench set
    • New sway bar link

    Step 1: Before you start, make sure your car is parked in a flat level surface. Once in place, raise and support its front side using the floor jack and jack stands. Jack it up until you have enough working space.

    Step 2: Next, find your sway bar link that's located at the far end of the sway bar. Once you've located it, use a ratchet and socket to remove the sway bar link nut. While loosening the nut, you'll also need a wrench to hold the link.

    Step 3: After removing the nut, get your rubber hammer and use it to tap the sway bar link out. Once your sway bar link is loose, take it out using your hands.

    Step 4: Get your new sway bar link and put one washer and rubber bushing on it. When those two are already in place, insert your new link to the sway bar.

    Step 5: To secure the connection of your new sway bar link, you need to attach other necessary components to secure its connection such as rubber bushings, metal washers, a metal sleeve, and a nut. You can tighten the nut using the ratchet and socket.

    Step 6: If you also have a broken sway bar link on the other side of your car, repeat steps one to five to fix it.

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