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Lights are essential auto parts. Their illuminating function ensures road safety, especially at night. The tail light is a nifty example. Through this light, drivers can know that there's a car in front of them. Thus, the possibility of a collision is minimized. With such a vital role to perform, the tail light deserves all the protection it can get. One of the things you can do is to install a durable tail light cover. There are a lot of tail light covers available in the market today: they're of varied compositions, sizes, and designs. However, you must be very careful in choosing what you'll get. The most commonly used material for these covers is ABS plastic with a touch of chrome. Such a composition helps not only in providing sturdy protection, but also in boosting the car's appearance. The boring and ordinary-looking tail lights of your ride can be well complemented by the added appeal the cover can give. Thus, your car's rear will be more attractive to look at. Also, if you prefer to install the cover on your own, you can do so easily. Most covers are designed with pre-applied, heavy-duty 3M adhesive tape for easy installation, which makes cutting and drilling unnecessary. For great deals and low prices on high-quality tail light covers, shop only at Auto Parts Warehouse, your complete one-stop online auto shop. The tail light cover replacements we offer here are sourced from trusted brands in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now!

Buying Guides

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Finding a New Tail Light Cover

Your vehicles lighting components are extremely useful, especially if you frequently drive in low-light conditions. And in case you encounter bad weather while you are out on the road, having fully-functioning lights will help increase your visibility and protect you from getting into an accident. One of the lighting components in your vehicle is the tail light. This comes in pairs, and it is located at the rear side of your car. Your tail lights usually come with a durable cover that helps protect it from getting damaged easily. However, if you have a broken tail light cover, your vehicle might have reduced visibility because the light can become distorted. To prevent yourself from getting into a road mishap just because of a damaged tail light cover, you'd better put your money on a good replacement as soon as you can.

Which Tail Light Cover is Best for Your Ride?

The market offers the tail light cover in a wide variety of types, materials, and finishes. The most common materials used for this particular accessory are aluminum and plastic. As you can tell aluminum versions are more heavy duty than its plastic counterparts. Aside from protecting your tail light, this cover can also enhance the look of your vehicle. Some of popular finishes include chrome, smoked, and black. If you want to give your vehicle a customized look without spending too much money, you can also count on this accessory to help you achieve what you want.

You will find a lot of OEM products in the market today with prices ranging from 50 to 100 USD. Most of them are easy to install because they feature excellent fit. By ensuring the fitment of the product to your assembly, you'll definitely finish your vehicle DIY task in no time.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tail Light Cover

Depending on what type of tail light cover you purchased for your ride, installation can differ from one product to another. For instance, some need to be mounted using bolts and screws, while other types can be installed by simply using adhesive like double sided tape. If you are looking for something that's long term, getting a cover that's attached using mounting hardware may be what's best for you. However, if you're quite in a hurry and you don't want to spend that much, then the adhesive type is what you are looking for.

Make sure you buy a set so both sides of your vehicle will be covered. Also, make sure you choose a product that fits your preference and needs. Most importantly, see to it that you buy from a brand that you can trust to get your money's worth.

Repair Guides

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Tail Light Cover Installation

If you've accidentally hit something that's caused your current tail light cover to chip or get damaged, you'd better address it right away by replacing your current cover. There are two common types of tail light covers available in the market today?one that uses screws and one that's attached using adhesive. Depending on what you prefer, make sure you get a cover that matches the specs of your vehicle to avoid wasting your hard-earned cash and to make installation easy and quick.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Things to Prepare:

  • Cleaning materials (water, rag/cloth, alcohol)
  • Screwdriver or socket wrench
  • Replacement tail light cover

Step 1: If you have an old tail light cover that's attached using bolts or screws, remove its mounting hardware using a screwdriver or socket wrench. Do not lose these bolts or screws and set them aside for use later. On the other hard, if you have a cover that's attached using adhesive, take it out carefully using your hands.

Step 2: Once the old tail light cover is removed, get a piece of cloth/rag and clean your tail light thoroughly. Wipe it dry and wait until it is completely moisture free.

Step 3: If you are going to use a cover that needs to be connected using mounting hardware, install the part and secure it in place using bolts or screws. Use the screwdriver or socket wrench to tighten it up slowly. On the other hand, if you are going to attach your new cover using adhesive, remove the tabs from the double sided and make sure the cover is perfectly aligned with the tail light before you attach it. Once you've already mounted the cover, press hard to secure it in position.

Step 4: Take a look at your mounted tail light cover and check if you are satisfied with its position. If you are, turn on the engine and press on the brake. Ask a friend to check if your tail lights are in good working condition.

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