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If you're planning to move your tailgate handle to somewhere more convenient like the inside of the tailgate, don't start the job without a tailgate handle relocator. Of course, you can probably move it by force using some makeshift tools to pry the thing out, but you'd just risk ruining the entire handle assembly. Not to mention injuring yourself. So if the last place you want to visit is the hospital or the auto repair shop, better use a relocator for your own good. Aftermarket relocators have amazing features that will make your job a real piece of cake. Many of them come with instructions, weld-in filler plate and other pieces of mounting hardware, so you can definitely do the job yourself as long as you have enough knowledge about DIY auto repair. No need to pay huge bucks to any mechanic! With a relocator, you'll have a tailgate handle that's reliable and looks absolutely seamless. The first step in completing your relocation job is to get a heavy-duty tailgate handle relocator here at Auto Parts Warehouse, the trusted name in aftermarket auto parts and accessories. With our Price Match Guarantee, there's no way you can get ripped off 'cause if you find a cheaper relocator elsewhere, we'll gladly match its price for you! Order your own tailgate handle relocator today and be amazed by the results.

Repair Guides

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10 Steps to Relocate your Tailgate Handle Using a Tailgate Handle Relocator Kit

The tailgate handle is designed more for utility than for aesthetics, but without it, the tailgate will lose its functionality. So in order to give the tailgate a sleeker look without throwing away the tailgate handle, you will need to relocate the handle to the inside of your car's truck bed. In this guide, we will show you how to relocate the tailgate handle in your truck using a tailgate handle relocator kit.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Handle relocator kit
  • Torx socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Die grinder
  • Welder
  • Sanding blocks

Step 1: Remove the plastic trim panel around the the tailgate handle. The trim panel has snap-clips that attach it to the handle and can be pried off using your fingers. Be careful not to damage the clips.

Step 2: Unscrew the Torx bolts from the back of the tailgate handle inside the truck bed. The bolts hold a metal panel in place; this should be removed as well once the bolts have been unscrewed.

Step 3: Pull the handle out of the tailgate and use the flat screwdriver to pry out the linkage rod from each side of the tailgate handle.

Step 4: Align the template from the relocator kit with the three tailgate handle mounting holes and mark the sheet metal for removal.

Step 5: Using a die grinder or a jigsaw with a steel cutting blade, cut out the marked section of the sheet metal.

Step 6: Bolt the tailgate handle onto the tailgate handle relocator mounting plate using the hardware supplied in the relocator kit. Use the studs that also come with the kit to attach the handle to the relocator; using the old factory bolts to attach the handle may damage the tailgate's outer shin.

Step 7: Screw the tailgate handle relocator plate with the handle in place on the tailgate and center relocator with the self-tapping screws from the kit. Once they are in place, attach the handle linkage rods onto the tailgate handle.

Step 8: Snap the plastic trim back on the tailgate handle.

Step 9: Grind the paint off the area where you removed the tailgate handle and weld the filler panel in place. Note: Don't weld with one continuous bead, as this will damage the surface of the tailgate.

Step 10: Grind down the welds, apply body filler, block sand, primer, and paint over the filler to match the rest of the tailgate.

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