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Tailgate Ladder Products

Has cargo transfer become more difficult since you gave your truck an inch or two of lift? Well, the answer to your dilemma is a tailgate ladder! While you may have mounted a running board or a nerf bar by the door of your truck in order to add a secure step to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease, you can get a ladder for use when getting into and out of the truck bed to load and unload cargoes. This ladder is like any other ladder, except that is it specifically designed to accommodate your daily access to the truck bed. It is built for easy attachment to the tailgate when needed and for easy removal when not in use. It is crafted from a material that's lightweight yet durable (a material like aluminum) to ensure that it can carry your weight and the weight of the cargos that you're carrying, all while being easy to handle. Most tailgate ladders today are designed to simply fold up when not in use, so they don't take much space and storage is easy. Many of them are also guaranteed to remain firm and stable-they rest firmly on the pavement and they even remain stable even when you place them on uneven grounds. Plus, many have a length that you can easily adjust. These ladders are also universal, so they're good for use in all trucks and pickups.Don't put up with hassles during cargo loading and unloading; get a new tailgate ladder to make things easy. You'll find the right ladder when you check our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. The ladders that we offer come in natural and black finishes, so you have options as to the look that you want. These are also sourced from top manufacturers like Westin, so their good quality is assured. Plus, they're very affordable; getting them won't be a problem even if you're shopping on a budget. Want one now? Browse our selection and click on the right product to place your order. If you have concerns, just call our toll-free hotline or use our site's live chat feature to get in touch with our customer service representatives. Get a new tailgate ladder here at Auto Parts Warehouse today and enjoy utmost safety and ease when loading and unloading your cargoes. Shop now and avail of great deals!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Installing Tailgate Ladders for Easy Access to Your Truck Bed

Adding a tailgate stepladder to the back of your pickup truck or SUV is a great way to access the rear truck bed of your vehicle. The ladder will also enable senior citizens and disabled people to get up on the truck as well. The installation of the step ladder is a quick and simple procedure requiring only the simplest tools.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools that you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Wrenches
  • Marker
  • Tailgate ladder components

Step 1: Park the truck on a level surface to facilitate installation.

Step 2: Open the tailgate of your vehicle.

Step 3: Put the mounting plate of the ladder on the driver's side of the tailgate. Position it at least one inch from the tailgate's top and half an inch from the side's edge. This will ensure that the ladder won't block the tailgate as the tailgate is being closed.

Step 4: Mark the points you'll need to drill on the tailgate by using the holes of the mounting plate for reference.

Step 5: Drill the tailgate at the points you've marked. Make sure that the size of the holes are the same as that of your screws.

Step 6: Secure the mounting plates on the tailgate with screws.

Step 7: Attach the side rails of the ladder to the mounting plate.

Step 8: Attach the climbing section to the side rails by sliding the side rails into the tubes of the climbing section.

Step 9: Extend the climbing section until it touches the ground vertically. Adjust the position and length of the ladder until it touches the ground at a 15 degree angle from the vertical position.

Step 10: Put the ladder onto the tailgate.

Step 11: Drill a hole 8 inches from the end of the ladder.

Step 12: Attach the tie down strap to the hole using the washers and screws.

Step 13: Place the end caps on all the studs.

Take note

Measurements may vary depending on the vehicle and the brand of the tailgate ladders. Be sure to read the manufacturer's installation manual just in case.

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