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Securing cargo on your truck bed is easy with a tailgate latch. If your locking mechanism is a pain to use, you should install a simple latch on your tailgate and your problems will be over in an instant. Or it may also be the case that your latch is already corroded, so you need a replacement. Whatever's the case, you should be glad to know that there's a wide variety of latches in the aftermarket to choose from. Many of these latches are made of heavy-duty materials, so they will last a long time even if you frequently open and close your tailgate. Most of them are also easy to install 'cause they come with important pieces of mounting hardware such as brackets and screws. It's definitely the perfect job for a DIYer like you! So if you want to start securing your tailgate right now, check out our extensive catalog of over 550,000 heavy-duty auto parts and accessories here at Auto Parts Warehouse. This is the only place where you can get up to 70% off on regular retail prices and fast and secure shipping! So go ahead and shop for a new tailgate latch today to have peace of mind while driving knowing that your cargo is completely safe at the back.

Buying Guides

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A Guide to Buying a Tailgate Latch

Owning a truck can make your life easy especially if your job entails having to carry around heavy loads here and there once in a while. To keep your haul securely in place, your vehicle's equipped with a tailgate latch to lock up the equipment on your truck bed. However, if this goes rusty and broken, you can always get it fixed. But if you can't, then that really leaves you with no choice but to buy a new one for your truck. So here's a guide to help you out when looking for a new tailgate latch.

What's the purpose of a tailgate latch?

Latch means fastener and that's what it basically does: to fasten the tailgate. So the main purpose of the tailgate latch is to lock up the gate of the truck to avoid the load from bouncing off the truck when on the road.

What qualities should you look for in a tailgate latch?

There are different stores out there selling a tailgate latch for your truck, but you have to be careful when buying. Some are really expensive yet break easily, and some are really affordable and could last for a longer time. Look for a latch that fits really well on your tailgate and would securely lock the door. Also, since rust is an eyesore, find one that's not prone to easily rust especially when the latch is exposed to sun and rain.

Where can you find a good tailgate latch?

Since there are already a lot of auto stores in the industry, you could try canvassing for a really affordable and a durable one. It's a good idea to step inside these car shops especially when you can feel and see the new latch yourself. A drawback when visiting these stores is when the tailgate latch that you are looking for is not readily available probably because there was no delivery yet or any other excuse that these stores have. Another option for you is by exploring the World Wide Web for online automotive businesses and read reviews on the Internet. Reading the opinions of the experts can help you come up with the decision because they have experiences on the different latches in the market. Shopping online can also be very convenient especially when all you have to do is click and wait for it to be shipped to your address. Plus, the parts come directly from the warehouses so there's no excuse for them not to have one readily available. You can even get the tailgate latch at a lower price.

These are just some heads up on the tailgate latch. Don't forget to explore and canvass for prices. Be careful not to end up buying from suspicious brands. Good luck!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Latch up the Tailgate Latch

Driving with a truck can be very convenient. Hauling stuff back and forth is easy with this kind of vehicle. However, to keep the load at the truck bed securely in place, the automobile is equipped with a tailgate and a latch. This is responsible for locking the truckload so that it won't fall off at any time when you're speeding up on the road. When this gets busted, it's very easy to repair that you don't even need to ask a professional mechanic to do the job for you. With just a few tools, a garage, and these easy steps, you're sure to replace your old tailgate latch in no time.

Difficulty level: easy

What you'll need:

  1. Slotted screwdriver
  2. Socket wrench
  3. Replacement tailgate latch

Step 1: First, you'd want to keep your truck stationary. So, park your car in your driveway or garage.

Step 2: Open the tailgate and take off the two run channel bolts at the top edge by using a socket wrench.

Step 3: Take off the two bolts at the bottom of the tailgate. Next, carefully lift it off from the tailgate cover plate and place it aside.

Step 4: Using a socket wrench, remove the two bolts that secure the latch assembly. After that, use the slotted screwdriver to lift off the assembly.

Step 5: Install the new latch and reinstall the bolts. Put back the cover plate with its bolts, close the tailgate, and you're done!

Warning: Since the cover plate is really heavy, be careful when removing it. You might want to ask for a helping hand when doing this.

These are just a few easy steps to guide you in replacing your damaged tailgate latch. Now, you can latch up your tailgate without the help of a mechanic. Be careful and good luck!

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