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If you even have the smallest plans to sell your truck someday, be sure that you equip it with a tailgate liner right away. A smart driver always looks forward in terms of vehicle investment. You can't really be stuck driving the same old truck for years and years unless you're too sentimental. Soon, you must upgrade your ride; and what that happens, you should be ready to sell your old truck in good condition, so people will still look it over. To increase your truck's resale value, protect its tailgate compartment from cargo damage with a good liner. Loading and unloading heavy cargo from your truck can easily wreak havoc on your truck bed, which is why it's very important to put on a tailgate liner. It can serve as a workshop mat that reduces back and leg fatigue when you're standing on the hard floor for long periods of time. Aside from its many practical advantages, it also adds character to your truck because there are many wonderful designs to choose from. Finally, the typical liner is made from tough materials, like Nyracord fibre reinforced rubber material, so it will last a long time. To get your hands on a heavy-duty tailgate liner as soon as possible, check out our extensive catalog now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. This is the only place where you can get up to 70% off on regular retail prices! So go ahead and order today to have a truck that will bring you tons of money in the future.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Tailgate Liner: How to Choose One That's Right for Your Truck

You know that pickup trucks are built to endure a lot of punishment-they're tough machines. Be honest, though-while many appreciate the tough and enduring nature of trucks, no one really enjoys the "fruits" of all the hard work that these vehicles endure. The tailgate is particularly vulnerable to a nasty assortment of nicks, scratches, bumps, bruises, and dings-that's why it's important to shop smartly and get the perfect tailgate liner for your truck!

Partial or full coverage?

Some tailgate liners are simple; they offer coverage on the top part of your tailgate. Honestly, that's the part that gets scuffed a lot-when you step onto your truck's bed or when you're balancing a heavy load, that area takes quite a beating. The advantage of partial liners is that they are much more affordable and easier to install. In most cases, you just have to mount them on, and the sticky tape does the rest. The downside is that they leave a great part of your tailgate uncovered and vulnerable to damaging elements.

Other tailgate liners offer full coverage of the inner side of your tailgate-from top to bottom. This type of liners comes in either ribbed plastic or aluminum. Plastic full-liners are slightly cheaper, and they offer more grip for anything that passes through them, so there are lesser chances of slippage! Aluminum sheets, on the other hand, are much more durable and can take quite a lot of punishment. Unfortunately, because they're metallic, they can be slippery when wet.

Custom molded or universal?

The first consideration comes down to your personal preference; this second one is an absolute necessity. Pickup trucks come in a whole range of sizes, so the most important factor to look at when it comes to fit is the length of the tailgate. Direct-fit and OE replacement units are easy to install because they are usually custom made to fit your ride's year, make, and model. So if you're a DIYer, you'd better choose this type of liner so that you no longer need to spend time cutting or patching it just to cover the entire area you want to protect. Universal-fit liners, on the other hand, can be used in just about any type of tailgates. So if you have several trucks or you're planning to use the liner in other applications, these liners are right for you.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Easy DIY Project: Tailgate Liner Installation

If you plan to keep your truck in perfect shape for a long time, then don't harshly load and unload your cargo like you are hauling garbage. You can always buy a tailgate replacement if you are generous enough to pay a hundred dollars. But do you know that there is a cheaper, easier alternative to keep your tailgate compartment in perfect condition? You can secure a tailgate liner that will protect your truck from damage. The good news is, you can install this low-cost but heavy-duty protector in just four steps.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools that you'll need:

  • Clean cloth and cleanser
  • Tailgate liner kit

Step 1: Before installation, ensure that your truck's tailgate is clean. Scrub and dry the area where the liner will be placed for perfect and clean fit. Work in a cool, dry place with your car cooled down.

Step 2: Once the area is dry, attach the hook fasteners to the loop fasteners with its built-in adhesive. Next, lay the tailgate liner. Work on each side by carefully exposing the fasteners or adhesives affixed at the back of the liner. Make sure that your hands are clean.

Step 3: Lay the liner with the adhesives in contact with the tailgate. Using a clean cloth, rub the liner firmly in place to secure that the adhesive will fully attach to the tailgate. Check if the liner is aligned to the area. You don't want to accidentally paste it on the wrong place.

Step 4: Now, do the same thing to the other side. Leave it overnight to dry. Upon use, you may clean it using a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Isn't that simple? Installing a tailgate liner is like doing your kid's art project. You can even do this in less than 10 minutes! Now, you're truck is prepared to face the harsh world of loading and unloading cargo with your new tailgate liner.

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