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Tailgate Protector

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Saving money on repairing your truck begins with getting a good tailgate protector. The tailgate receives a lot of damage every day you drive since it's exposed to the harsh elements. A protector extends the lifespan of your tailgate by effectively protecting it from dings, dents and scratches that easily ruin a good tailgate. When choosing an aftermarket protector for your tailgate, look for something very durable, such as protectors made of high-grade aluminum with powdercoat finish for that awesome look. You may want to go for a custom-designed protector, so you're sure it will fit your particular make and model. Finally, choose one that requires the least amount of drilling 'cause you don't want to be stuck for hours in the garage putting the protector on. Many heavy-duty protectors today can be quickly installed as they come with adhesives and bolt-down mounts. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we have a tailgate protector with all of these amazing qualities and more. This is the best place to get your aftermarket parts because of our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find a cheaper protector elsewhere, we'll gladly match its price for you! So add a new tailgate protector to your cart today to start saving big bucks on repairs.

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Tailgate Protector Installation

The tailgate protector is a good way to shield your vehicle's tailgate against dents and scratches. This accessory is usually attached to the tailgate using adhesives and/or screws. When done properly, you can install this component in an hour.

Difficulty level: Medium

Tools that you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bit
  • Rags
  • Alcohol
  • Protective eyewear

Step 1: To make sure your tailgate protector will hold fast to your tailgate, it is highly recommended that you clean the gate thoroughly first. We suggest wiping down the top section of your tailgate with alcohol.

Step 2: Attach the tailgate protector to the tailgate. Most protectors come with an adhesive backing or adhesive tape. If you have to cut the tape, clean the protector before applying the tape. Peel off the protector's backing, and push the edges of the tailgate protector down until it's in place.

Step 3: If your tailgate protector needs to be secured by screws, we advise checking the tailgate for electric wirings first. If there's a risk of hitting wiring, adjust the location of your mounting holes.

Step 4: Using an electric drill, drill mounting holes on the corners of the protector and tailgate. Thread the screws in and tighten with the help of a screwdriver. Once the tailgate is somewhat held in place, complete drilling the rest of the mounting holes and securing the rest of the screws.


  1. Wear protective eyewear when drilling.
  2. To prevent rust on your screws, treat the screws using a rust-inhibiting primer.
  3. Clean your tailgate protector regularly to prevent rust and corrosion buildup.