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When your throttle actuator goes bad, your vehicle's performance takes a nosedive. This problem manifests through a dip in your engine's performance or frequent stalling and difficulties starting your ride. Prevent a bad actuator from messing with your car's overall performance by replacing it as soon as possible. Now, there's no need to worry, because there are a lot of high-quality replacement throttle actuators out on the market. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should buy the first throttle actuator that catches your sight. You'll first have to make sure that the actuator you're eyeing is a direct-fit replacement of your original equipment. This simply means that the actuator you're buying should be compatible with your ride. To find out if the actuator is, indeed, a good match for your current throttle assembly, we recommend crosschecking your original actuator's part number with the product you're eyeing. If they don't match, then try searching for the part number of the actuator. If you can't find your actuator's part number, then another option is to locate a direct-fit throttle actuator for your car using our site's Shop by Vehicle function. Give us your ride's specs and we'll show you our impressive selection of top-of-the-line, affordable, and most importantly, OE-style throttle actuators. Find the best actuator for your ride at Auto Parts Warehouse now.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing a Throttle Actuator

As soon as your throttle actuator reaches its recommended service life, replace it. Doing this will free you from any engine-related problems. As you know, this part is the heart of your electronic throttle control (ETC). It serves as your accelerator pedal and throttle linkage minus the Bowden cable. One of the benefits you get from this actuator is seamless performance of your powertrain at any given temperature, accessory load, and other prevailing conditions. But, when the part fails, this efficient performance is compromised. Replacing it with an equally reliable device as soon as the problem arises is best.

What you need:

The right fit

Often, you are torn between getting an original equipment (OE) part and aftermarket product. Just remember that:

  1. An OE throttle actuator offers exact fit that makes its installation in your automobile a lot easier, but it is always priced higher than replacement actuators.
  2. An aftermarket throttle actuator, on the other hand, is just the compatible replacement for your automobile make and model. It features innovative design and engineering that can improve your system's performance. It is also priced lower than your OE part.

The materials, production, and technology

  1. Stainless steel and aluminum with plastic. You can find stainless steel and aluminum with plastic throttle actuators in the market these days.
  2. The stainless steel offers durability that both aluminum and plastic fall short of, but it weighs more than the other two materials.

    Aluminum is more resistant to heat and weighs less, making it the better choice of material. Plastic, on the other hand, is less durable but weightless, inexpensive, and flexible. You can then expect good price and performance from an aluminum actuator with a plastic cover.

  3. Heat treatment. Heat treating the aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic strengthens these materials. Look for an actuator that has undergone heat-treatment procedures for longer-lasting service life.
  4. Real-life tests. Choose a replacement actuator that is rated using real-life tests. These guarantee the part's great performance when subjected to the extreme conditions in your vehicle.

The Verdict

As always, an OE throttle actuator is the best choice whenever you're replacing your old part or restoring the overall performance of your system. But, there are also aftermarket replacements that offer the same benefits at lower prices. If you are conscious about your maintenance costs, opt for these direct-fit replacements. Just make sure that you are getting them from a world-class brand to ensure their performance and durability.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Installation of a Throttle Actuator

P2111 and P2112 are throttle actuator error codes your diagnostic system will flash after an engine light comes off, which means that the part is stuck open and close respectively. When you encounter any of these, immediately install a replacement. Doing so will keep your engine from working ineffectively due to erroneous feedbacks provided to the engine computer by your throttle control actuator. Good thing this part is replaceable, and you can DIY its installation with the help of this step-by-step installation guide:

NOTE: This installation procedure is applicable to all 4.3L, 5.0L And 5.7L engines. For 4.8L, 5.3L And 6.0L engines, removing the intake manifold, throttle body, fuel injection rail, and fuel injectors should be done as an assembly.

Safety Reminder: Always wear safety glasses.

What you'll need:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Rug
  • Seal remover
  • Blade or knife

Step 1: Remove your engine cover and air cleaner outlet resonator.

Step 2: Disconnect the cruise control cable.

Step 3: Loosen the stud and nuts of the accelerator control cable bracket but don't take them off.

Step 4: Disconnect the Idle air Control (IAC) valve and Throttle Position (TP) sensor harness connectors.

Step 5: Remove the retaining studs of the throttle body and then, the entire assembly.

Step 6: Discard the throttle body seal, clean the intake manifold gasket surface, and install a new throttle body assembly seal.

Step 7: Install the throttle body assembly with the new actuator.

Step 8: Install the air cleaner outlet resonator adapter stud and tighten to 71 inch lbs. (8 Nm).

Step 9: Connect the TP sensor and IAC valve harness connector.

Step 10: Fasten the control cable bracket accelerator to 106 inch lbs. (12 Nm).

WARNING: Ensure that both the accelerator and the cruise control cables are not holding the throttle open.

Step 11: Install the accelerator and cruise control cables, the air cleaner outlet resonator, and the engine cover.

Step 12: Connect the negative battery cable.

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