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Throttle Body Gasket Products

Putting up with air leaks in your throttle body is tantamount to permitting a dip in your engine's performance. Because you wouldn't want that happening to your ride, it's best that you plug up air leaks with a throttle body gasket. The throttle body is an important part of your engine system. It's basically what controls the amount of air that's allowed to enter your engine assembly. Its gasket, on the other hand, is what stops air from leaking out of your throttle body. Naturally, when its gasket fails, your throttle body's performance becomes compromised. Less air is introduced to your engine, decreasing its performance. By replacing your bad throttle body gasket as soon as you can, you're effectively stopping further slips in your engine's output. That's why, if the gasket in your throttle body has started its slow decline, make it a point to replace it immediately. Find quality replacement throttle body gaskets at the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog today. Here at our online auto parts store, we give you the best replacement gaskets at the most wallet-friendly prices. So shop for your new throttle body gasket the smart way by buying this item from our online store today.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Buying the Right Throttle Body Gasket

To many, the throttle body gasket is one of the most trivial parts in a vehicle's engine. Little did they know that this small seal can make a lot of improvement on a car's performance. A well-performing throttle body gasket can increase a vehicle's fuel efficiency, power, and torque. On the other hand, a leaked throttle body gasket can cause a car to stall in the middle of a highway. If you have decided to buy a new gasket for your throttle body, the following information will prove to be useful in deciding to buy the perfect one for your car.

A perfect fit

Needless to say, each car model has a different and unique body throttle. The body throttle gasket is the seal the keeps outside air from entering the space between the intake manifold and the throttle body. It needs to be fitted perfectly between the openings of the two parts. A miniscule hole or leak can cause troubles in idling and even while running. To avoid such problems, get the exact shape and measurement of the entrance and exit between the intake manifold and the throttle gasket. Remember that the engine is one of the most important parts of your car and a small problem can snowball into unimaginable damages.

The correct width

The normal throttle body gasket width is 0.125". If you can see that there is still enough space to accommodate a thicker material, it is advisable to purchase a thicker gasket or even a throttle body spacer. A spacer works exactly like the throttle body gasket but is considerably thicker. This thickness allows extra air to pass through when the gas pedal is being pressed, allowing more power for the running engine. Just make sure you have a bolt that can fasten the gasket or spacer between the throttle body and the intake manifold.

Keeping it cool

Another important function of the throttle body gasket is that it keeps the heat of the engine from the reserved air in the body throttle. Though this, cooler air is being delivered to the intake manifold, making the combustion process better. Because of this function, it is very important that a throttle body gasket is made of materials that are able to insulate and resist heat. The same way, the material should be soft enough to be hugged and sandwiched between the intake manifold's and throttle body's openings without the smallest possible gap. Likely materials in the market are nitrile rubber and Teflon among others.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Replacing the Throttle Body Gasket

The throttle body gasket is one of the most dispensable parts of a car. It should be replaced everytime the throttle body has undergone any repair or service. It should also be changed when there is an evident leak on the material. Good thing is that aftermarket throttle body gaskets are as cheap as they are easy to install. Below are simple steps on how to replace a leaked throttle body gasket.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools required:

  • Socket wrench
  • Cleaning solution
  • Rags

Step 1: Prepare all the tools and materials, including the new throttle body gasket.

Step 2: Open the hood of a car. If the engine has been on, let it cool for up to ten minutes.

Step 3: Detach the negative cable from the battery using a a socket wrench with a socket of the correct size.

Step 4: Remove the bolts holding the throttle body air intake system.

Step 5: Remove the throttle body gasket.

Step 6: With the cleaning solution and rag, clean the throttle body assembly, as well as the new throttle body gasket.

Step 7: Insert the new throttle gasket on top of the intake manifold's opening.

Step 8: Put the throttle body on top of the gasket, sandwiching it with the intake manifold.

Step 9: Replace the bolts firmly. Make sure that no gaps exist between the intake manifold, throttle body gasket, and throttle body.

Step 10: Reconnect the negative cable with the battery.

Step 11: Start the engine of the car.

Step 12: Check for any leak between the intake manifold and the throttle body.

Step 13: Carefully close the hood.

Step 14: Drive your car and pay attention for changes in the engine performance.

Replacing the throttle body gasket is an easy task and almost anyone can do it in just a maximum of thirty minutes depending on the tightness of the bolts holding the throttle body assembly.

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