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To preserve optimum combustion, the engine should be regularly checked. Car owners must check on the throttle. This part manages the amount of air that enters the engine. It is composed of several parts, one of which is the Throttle Body that functions in response to the input given to the accelerator pedal. This component is located between the air filter box and the intake manifold. It contains the throttle plate, which assists in regulating airflow to the engine. The throttle plate rotates inside the body each time the driver presses on the accelerator pedal. Its movement opens the throttle passage, allowing more air to enter the intake manifold. In response to the plate's actions, the fuel injectors deliver more fuel to the engine to keep the air and fuel mixture balanced. Once the throttle is damaged, it will compromise the combustion ratios of the entire engine, resulting in poor fuel efficiency and reduced power generation. In this case, replacing the Throttle Body is no longer an option but a necessity. Replacing the throttle is a task for an experienced do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanic. It can be performed with simple hand tools that can be found in any garage. Finding high-quality throttle bodies is not difficult because there are plenty of aftermarket manufacturers that specialize in these components. You can surely find one for your exact make, model, and year. In fact, you can find yours here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our products come from renowned aftermarket manufacturers in the industry.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Right Throttle Body for Your Vehicle

Maintaining the appropriate air-fuel ratio of your car's engine is the throttle body's job. When it breaks or gets damaged, your vehicle could malfunction due to the imbalance in the air-fuel ratio in the engine's combustion system. A few things must be considered when looking for a throttle body, such as compatibility, engine type, and budget.


Determine your car's make, model, name, and year. It greatly helps to know what your vehicle specifications are, since these will be your bases when testing any part's compatibility with your car. You can retrieve your vehicle's information from documents like the owner's manual or registration papers. Another way to find your car info is through your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Engine type

The throttle body is an engine component, which means that it's essential to identify your engine type when choosing a new throttle body. Looking for alternatives is made easy since automakers frequently manufacture the same engine for different models; and sometimes, even different brands. A Toyota and GM model, for example, could have identical engines, with the throttle body being the exact same part. The difference could be in the prices where one typically is cheaper than the other.


Getting a throttle body for your car depends on your allotted budget as well. Different manufacturers offer different prices for their throttle bodies. Below is a brief comparison of some throttle body brands and their prices.

  1. Bosch - A throttle body from Bosch is sold individually at the price of $183.95. It's covered by a flexible warranty option, with choices ranging from 1-year, 3-year, to lifetime warranty. It's not that expensive for a brand new throttle body, so, if you're after quality and brand prestige, then you might want to try Bosch.
  2. A1 Cardone - Unlike Bosch, A1 Cardone offers a remanufactured throttle body at the price of only $101.78. It's covered with a 1-year or 18000-mile limited warranty, which is reasonable for its condition. If you're looking for an affordable throttle body with decent quality, then A1 Cardone is definitely one of your choices.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Clean Your Car's Throttle Body

A combustion engine system requires a balanced air-fuel ratio in order to function properly. Your vehicle's engine gets the appropriate amount of air, especially upon acceleration, with the help of a part called the throttle. If the throttle body, an integral throttle component, gets dirt and residue inside, the engine's air-fuel ratio will suffer. Cleaning the throttle body, therefore, is important in car care and engine maintenance.

Here's a step by step instruction on how to clean the throttle body:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools to be used:

  • Flashlight
  • Car's repair manual
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Toothbrush or any small cleaning brush
  • Throttle body cleaner
  • Paper towel or clean cloth

Step 1: Park your car in a level surface and turn the engine off. Allow the engine to cool completely before starting the repair.

Step 2: Open the hood and disengage your vehicle's negative battery terminal. Refer to your car's repair manual to release the fuel system pressure and find other parts unfamiliar to you.

Step 3: Detach the air cleaner assembly. Locate and label any small hoses that you need to remove in order to reach the throttle body. You can use either masking tapes or other specialized labeling tools.

Step 4: Unplug the cables connected to the throttle lever and remove the electrical connectors from sensors, valves, and idle control motor unit. Remove the vacuum hoses connected to the throttle body as well.

Step 5: Disengage the inlet and return fuel lines from the throttle body. Then, unbolt the throttle body unit with a wrench or ratchet and socket.

Step 6: Take off the throttle body from the intake manifold and detach any plastic, rubber, and other electrical components still connected to it. Submerge it in a throttle body cleaner based on the product manufacturer instructions.

Step 7: Change any other damaged parts as necessary and reassemble the throttle body. Get a scraper, lacquer thinner, and a clean piece of cloth, and clean the intake manifold mating surface thoroughly.

Step 8: Place the throttle body unit on the cleansed intake manifold using a base plate gasket and secure the mounting bolts according to the sequence in your car's repair manual. Follow the sequence carefully as it may cause further damage if not replaced correctly.

Step 9: Connect the inlet and reattach the fuel lines, electrical connectors, vacuum hoses, throttle lever cables, and air cleaner assembly. Reconnect the black, negative cable to the battery terminal.

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