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Timing Component Kit

We have 136 Items for Timing Component Kit In-stock.

Car maintenance takes a lot out of you. It requires a lot of time, effort and even money. With rising costs nowadays, many other drivers like you have opted to do their own routine check-ups and simple to medium car maintenance. Even larger repairs which involve a new timing component kit are now in the realm of DIY. Getting rid of mechanics' fees can save you more than just a few dollars. Besides, DIY repairs allow you to have your car in the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to wonder what exactly is happening to your ride because you are now your own mechanic! However, doing your own repairs has its own downsides. You must be very meticulous with your car. You cannot allow any nut or bolt to go missing, or overlook that seemingly useless gasket. Every part of your car serves a purpose and you have to remember that. Check your car manual first to see specific differences your car has compared to others. At Auto Parts Warehouse your car needs are available at the click of a button. Check the catalogs at your disposal and simply search for the timing component kit that fits your car's specific make, model and year. You will be satisfied with the wide range of products available to you, as well as the quick and efficient delivery to your doorstep.

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Date Published:

Choosing the Right Timing Kit Component for Your Car

What is a timing component kit?

A timing kit includes 2 tensioners and an idler pulley. There are also kits which include a timing belt. The tensioners and idler pulley are made with durable steel brackets, double-slip seals and bearings with formulated lubricants. This kit helps reduce vibration and it also prevents premature belt wear. They are specially made to fit and meet the exact specifications of the OE parts being replaced. What is more, the contents of the kit are individually packaged in plastic bags. You can easily identify and compare the kit items to the original parts without damaging any part of the kit. Complete installation instructions are included in the kit and these instructions are available in English, Spanish and French.

How does a timing component kit work?

Most people who have cars invest a lot of time, money and effort for maintenance. With prices steadily increasing, people have chosen to do check-ups and car maintenance themselves to save money. Moreover, owners can fix their vehicles within their own homes. Drivers gain more knowledge on car parts, techniques and maintenance as they become mechanics.

Why replace a timing component kit?

A broken timing component kit can cause various transmission problems. Dislodged gears, and a misplaced timing belt can even damage some parts of your internal combustion engine. Avoid this by regularly checking on your timing component kit-make sure to look for loose bolts, leaks, and screws so as to prevent additional repair costs.

Ignoring a broken timing component kit would not be a viable option as it can cost you more maintenance and repair fees in the long run. If you think your timing component kit is broken, make sure to replace it right away, and get the tensioner properly calibrated by a professional mechanic.

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Date Published:

Timing Component Kit Replacement in 5 Steps

With rising maintenance and repair costs, drivers tend to fix broken car parts themselves rather than to hire a professional mechanic to do the job. Even larger car parts such as the timing component kit, becomes a DIY task. The timing component kit is an important part of your car's internal combustion engine that is responsible for controlling valve functions. The timing component kit regulates valve timing through a timing belt assembly, and a set of timing gears. A broken timing component kit entails a lot of problems with combustion as the valves won't be able to operate in time. Ignoring it would cost you more engine damage, so it's probably best to replace it right away. Fortunately, here's a short walkthrough to help you replace your broken timing component kit.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Socket and ratchet
  • Timing component kit
  • Gloves
  • Step 1: Before gaining access to the timing component kit, you must first clear out underhood components that block your way. First, remove the radiator overflow jug using a socket and ratchet. Unbolt the mounting nuts, and carefully remove the jug.

    Step 2:Loosen the A/C bracket blocking the timing component kit with a 10 mm socket, and unhook the ground wire. Once the timing belt is visible, unbolt the nuts using a socket.

    Step 3: Carefully remove the timing component kit starting with the tensioner, and proceeding with the cam belt. Install the new timing component kit by placing it back to its mount, and returning the nuts with a socket and ratchet.

    Step 4: The tricky part in replacing the timing component kit is calibrating the right amount of tension for the timing to be exact. A wrong tension calibration can lead to a malfunctioning combustion system. It is advised that you read your car manual first, or consult a professional mechanic before proceeding with the replacement.

    Step 5: Once the timing belt tensioner has been calibrated accurately, return the A/C pipes to its proper brackets as well as the radiator overflow jug. Make sure the bolts are fitted snugly before closing the hood.

    Step 6: Once every part is shut tight, close the hood, and ride your car for a test drive.

    Timing component kit replacement is a doable task, but the calibration may take time. For DIY experts, studying how to accurately calibrate the tensioner can be a breeze. However, DIY beginners are advised to seek professional assistance to do the job.