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Improve your car's suspension system with the help of the track bar. Otherwise known as the panhard rod this part is responsible for the lateral position of the axle. What it does is prevents your car from moving laterally. Without it, you might have problems with your suspension. It is highly advisable to make sure that your car's wheels don't move backwards or forwards, opposite your ride's body. Getting the right track bar for your ride is quite tricky. You must make sure that it's not too short. Otherwise, you will have a problem with your ride's axle and body. It might move sideways too much towards the ends of the spring. If you're a fan of compact cars, this one's for you. You'll be amazed at the benefits it will be able to give your car. You'll definitely have better suspension and a smoother ride. So make sure it is always in good condition. Once it gets busted, get replacement as soon as you can. You wouldn't want to get into accidents just because of a faulty suspension system. Looking for the best place to get a track bar? You've come to the right place. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of car parts and accessories that's sure to fit your ride. Order now!

Buying Guides

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How to Pick a Track Bar for Your Ride

The reason your vehicle is able to handle almost all kinds of terrain is because of an amazing component called the suspension system. With the suspension system, your vehicle is able to adjust regardless of the road conditions. This is the reason why you only feel a little bump when you're driving your vehicle. The suspension system is composed of many smaller components that make the entire system function really well.

Meanwhile, one underrated and often forgotten part of the suspension is the track bar. Basically, track bars are found in big cars or trucks and they can usually be found underneath the vehicle. They're simple, but very effective parts that prevent lateral movement when a vehicle is moving.

What is a Track Bar?

A French company invented the very first track bar years ago and because of the component's simplicity and effectiveness, it has become one of the most important components of vehicles. Basically, track bars are connected to the axle and they do one thing really well---prevent side-to-side movement. Track bars are rigid components and because of that, they're able to provide stability and rigidity to a particular vehicle.

When you look at a track bar, you'll realize that it's made up of a rigid bar running sideways in the same way the axle does.

Despite being very effective suspension system components, the track bars' downside is the fact that it's not easy to find the right size that would fit the vehicle without modification. Though most track bars are available in just one size, it has become very common to see adjustable track bars these days.

The Right Track Bar for your Vehicle

Despite being very tough and reliable components, track bars eventually get damaged and when that happens, you need to find a replacement track bar right away.

These days, there are many brands that offer top-quality track bars. However, you still have to be very careful before buying or else, you might find yourself getting a bad deal.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Suspension Basics: Track Bar Installation

The track bar, also known as the panhard rod, is one of the most commonly replaced parts of the vehicle's suspension system. This is usually due to the easily damaged bushings found on either end of this bar. You can tell this component is worn when you observe excessive play on your steering wheel as you drive. Once this bar goes bad, your best mode of action is to replace this unit as soon as possible.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Tools that you'll need:

  • Jack and Jack Stands
  • Socket Set
  • Ratchet
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Penetrating Fluid - optional
  • Grease Gun - optional; to be used only if the track bar is greasable
  • Replacement Track Bar

Step 1: Find the track bar on the vehicle's undercarriage. In some cases, you'll need to lift the front section of the vehicle and secure it using jack stands. The track bar should be relatively easy to find. It is essentially the rod that runs from the driver's side frame to the axle housing located on the passenger side of your ride.

Step 2: Using your ratchet and socket, carefully remove the bolts holding the track bar in place. If there is a cotter pin securing the rod, use your hammer and needle nose pliers to pry the bar loose. If you're having difficulties removing the bolts that secure this bar, you can spray penetrating fluid on the bolts to loosen them.

Step 3: Remove your old track bar.

Step 4: Secure your replacement track bar in place by using its old mounting brackets. Using your socket and ratchet, secure the track bar by tightening the bolts that are used to hold it in place.

Step 5: If necessary, fill bushings with grease using your grease gun. You can do this by simply positioning the end of the grease gun onto the fitting of each bushing.

Step 6: Secure your new cotter pins by sliding them through the holes of the track bar's mounting bolts. To tighten these pins and prevent your track bar nuts from falling off, use your pliers to bend each pin.

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