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Any performance enthusiast would know the importance of having the right set of bars for their vehicle. Traction bars are composed of thick tubes made of tempered steel and pivoted brackets on both ends. Connected on both front and rear sides of the automobile, this component helps improve the vehicle's handling every time the driver accelerates, decelerates, or makes a turn. A traction bar helps stop the bushings from moving during high speed levels and prevent backward twisting of the axle. Through these bars, your drive wheels are forced to turn forward, allowing removal of the leaf spring windup and providing maximum traction by keeping the rear drive wheels on the pavement. In case you decide to install one of these on your ride, you've got to check a few things to ensure full benefit from this unit. One factor to consider is geometry. Traction bars come in different shapes and makes so you should be able to find the unit with the right fit to match your auto. Installing the wrong type of traction bar on the vehicle does not only lead to poor performance, it can also cause irreparable damage on the auto. It can affect the vehicle's handling and tear the suspension apart from the binding of the radius arms. Another important consideration is the purpose of the upgrade. Racers may want to get a unit that provides room for headers and downpipes, in case they want to install other systems that will boost the performance of the vehicle. No matter what the purpose is, securing the perfect set of traction bars is not an issue when you purchase from Auto Parts Warehouse. Our wide selection of items includes almost any car part you can think of; most of these are compatible with many makes and models. Auto Parts Warehouse carries top brands in the market, including A1 Cardone, Denso, Bosch, K&N, and a whole lot more. And it doesn't end there. All products are offered at warehouse prices with low price guarantee, allowing customers to get the best replacement for less. We can even throw in a free shipping service on orders worth at least $50. With all these benefits, surely, you wouldn't want to look anywhere else. So stop waiting any longer, start ordering your needed traction bars right now! Call our 24/7 toll-free hotline number if you want to know more about our products and services.

Repair Guides

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Traction Bar Installation in 5 Steps

For every turn, acceleration, or sudden stop your car's axles are at risk of negative rotation, and your bushings are vulnerable to displacement. Fortunately, every car is equipped with a traction bar that keeps the axles from slanting, and secures the bushes in place whenever the vehicle is in motion. The traction bar is made of steel tubes covered by pivoted brackets at both ends. It is located in both the front and rear sides of the automobile-its job is to keep the road feel smooth, and provide better handling for drivers. A broken traction bar would mean a definite risk as there would be no supportive component to secure the bushings as well as the axles in their proper places. If you notice harsh clunking sounds coming from either the rear or front axles, you better check the traction bars, and have it repaired. To make it easier for you, here's a step-by-step guide on how to fix broken traction bars.

Difficulty Level:

Tools you'll need:

  • Jack stands
  • 3-5 Rubber snubbers
  • Traction bar replacement
  • Wrench
  • Lock washers

Step 1: Raise the clearance under the vehicle with heavy-duty jack stands. Locate the area where you will be installing the traction bar replacement.

Step 2: Use the jack stands to position the traction bar replacement just beside the axle. Depending on your car's specifications, you would have to clear out some parts of the suspension system such as shock mounts, U-bolts and brake lines.

Step 3: Place the stock springs above the traction bar, and bolt it loosely using a wrench. Avoid fitting it too tight, and leave at least a 1-inch opening from the leaf spring as you'll have to fit in the rubber snubbers on it afterwards.

Step 4: Insert the rubber snubbers in the stock spring opening you left in step 3. The number of snubbers can vary depending on your car's size and weight. Excessive snubbers can reduce handling comfort, so make sure to calibrate the snubbers according to your vehicle's specifications.

Step 5: Tighten the bolts on the stock spring, and use lock washers to secure the traction bar in place. Remove the jack stands, and test the vehicle's acceleration. If you feel like the traction bar is too tight, loosen the stock spring, and remove one or two snubbers.

Installing traction bars can be quite a hassle for DIY beginners. To avoid difficulty in installing the traction bar, ask for expert opinion, or do some research on the matter.

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