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Monitor the load you are putting on your engine with the help of the transmission vacuum modulator. In order for your transmission to be able to shift gears properly, it has to maintain a certain level of vacuum load. Once it stops functioning properly, you might experience problems in shifting gears. It can also create great damage to your engine by burning the hose that links the transmission to the engine vacuum. How does a transmission vacuum modulator work? It works by measuring load hand in hand with a diaphragm. Once there's a shift regarding the weight of the load, the latter pushes itself against the valve and the spring move opposite the diaphragm's movement. Situations that create low engine load include driving down hill. On the other, the opposite happens when you drive uphill and carry a heavy load on your trunk. that's why you need to be alert on what it's indicating. Otherwise, you might shift gears the wrong way. For accurate readings, invest in a durable and high quality transmission vacuum modulator from Auto Parts Warehouse. With our wide range of products, guaranteed secured transaction, and excellent customer service, you can't go wrong! Buy now and enjoy the ride!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Dos and Don'ts When Choosing a Transmission Vacuum Modulator

The transmission vacuum modulator measures the load of the engine's vacuum, so the transmission can shift gears correctly. If you're experiencing problem with the shifting of your car, then you might need diagnose and replace the transmission vacuum modulator. Here's a list to help you with your search.


  • Check the make, type, and year of the vehicle that's applicable to the modulator. This will help you search faster. You can easily do this in aftermarket websites in just a few clicks.
  • Determine if the transmission vacuum modulator is fit for a 6-speed transmission, 5-speed, or lower transmission levels. You should also find a modulator that gives you the ability to adjust the throttle shift points. There are also some modulators with screws that can adjust diaphragm preload.
  • Choose a transmission vacuum modulator that already includes a seal, so you don't have to look for one that will fit on the modulator. It is also helpful if the modulator already has instructions on how to install it.
  • Make sure that the part you're going to buy comes with warranty. You can avail at least a 90-day standard limited warranty only from trusted brands like AC Delco and Standard. They also use the highest quality of materials in their products.
  • Ready your budget for a transmission vacuum modulator. The price can go as high as $132 although the cheapest can only cost you $20.


  • DO NOT install a used transmission vacuum modulator in your vehicle. The condition of the material is unknown, and it may have an effect on the other car parts. To be sure, always find a new replacement.
  • DO NOT attempt to use a transmission vacuum modulator not specified for your vehicle. You won't know the result of it to your car.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Transmission Vacuum Modulator: The Part You Need for a Seamless Shift

The engine of an automatic transmission vehicle shifts with the help of a transmission vacuum modulator. This part measures the load of the engine so the transmission can shift correctly. However, if this part is malfunctioning, then the transmission won't be able to change gears correctly. This guide will show you how to replace a transmission vacuum modulator in just a few steps.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • New transmission vacuum modulator

Step 1: Park your car on a level surface, and make sure that the area is clean. Put your vehicle in neutral mode, engage the emergency brake, and chock up the rear wheels. Remove the negative battery cable afterwards. Make sure the cable is away from the other parts of the engine.

Step 2: Use the floor jack to lift the front part of your vehicle, and secure it with the jack stands. Make sure the jack stands are under the car's solid frame.

Step 3: Locate the vacuum hose underneath the vehicle. Remove it using the pliers and screwdriver. Check the hose if there are already cracks on the surface; you may need to replace the hose if it's already worn out.

Step 4: Detach the retainer bolts and clamps that hold the vacuum diaphragm. Do not distort or bend the clamp.

Step 5: Pull the transmission vacuum modulator from the transmission body. It will include the vacuum control rod. Move it carefully back and forth if it's too difficult to remove. Attach the vacuum control rod to the transmission body if the modulator has been completely removed.

Step 6: Get the new transmission vacuum modulator, and apply oil or lubricant around its edge. Attach it to the transmission body. Use the same back and forth motion to install it easier.

Step 7: Once the modulator is connected, secure its position using the retainer bolts and clamps. Torque the bolts until it reaches a minimum of 80 inch pounds.

Step 8: Attach the vacuum hose to its previous position. Make sure that all the connections are correct and there's no leak.

Step 9: Lower the vehicle using the floor jack, and remove the jack stands as well. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.

Step 10: Test drive your vehicle, and observe if the car's shifting is already back to normal.

Installation tip:

  • You can adjust the transmission vacuum modulator using a psi gauge to set the pressure correctly.

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