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Vehicles aren't only used to transport people. Rather, they're also used to carry heavy cargo. And that's the reason why the trunk is made. The trunk is the storage compartment usually located at the rear of the vehicle; the only exceptions are those cars whose engines are placed at the rear. Now, cargo placed in the trunk is safe so long as it has a lock. By having a Trunk Lock, you can rest assured knowing other people won't steal your precious belongings. See, this lock is made up of three important components that must be kept in top shape: the lock mechanism, emergency trip-lock mechanism, and automatic release mechanism. If any of these parts get damaged, it'd arguably be more convenient for you to just get a new lock. Don't worry, however, since finding a new Trunk Lock is very easy. All you have to do is search our store's online catalog. Auto Parts Warehouse offers this item at a very affordable price. All our products come from trustworthy manufacturers, so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money. So don't wait! Shop now and take advantage of our special markdowns and free shipping on all orders over $50!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Smart Guide to Buying a Trunk Lock

To keep the load inside the trunk secure, fasten it up with a quality trunk lock. However, if yours have already worn out, probably to age, then it's about time that you purchase a new one. There are different locks out there in the market and looking for the one with the best qualities is perhaps the tricky part in the whole search. So here's a simple guide to help you decide what kind of trunk lock you should buy for your vehicle.

What are trunk locks?

First, let's discuss what a trunk lock is. This is the one that keeps that tailgate or trunk of an automobile locked for protection. This is different from the other locks in the vehicle. It's usually divided into three different sections: the emergency trip-lock mechanism, the automatic release mechanism, and the lock mechanism itself.

What should you consider when buying a trunk lock?

  • Security should be your main concern when buying a trunk lock. You should get a new one that will be more durable than your previous one.
  • Trunks that still use cylinders have a six- to ten-tumbler mechanism. If you own a really luxurious or safety-conscious car, then the more tumblers the trunk will have.
  • If you're going to buy a new trunk lock, you might want to replace the cylinders on the vehicle doors to be able to use the same key for all locks. But if this is too tedious for you, then you can stick with having a separate key for your trunk.
  • Purchase one that's compatible with your make and model so that you won't experience future complications.

Where can you buy quality trunk locks?

  • You can always go to your local dealership to get immediate answers should you have any questions.
  • It's also a good idea to walk in a local store to be able to see the trunk lock. You can inspect it for defects or rusts while you're inside the store.
  • You can explore the World Wide Web and read reviews about the best brands for trunk locks. If you want to, you can even order online and get this part at a cheaper price. All you have to do is just wait for your order to be shipped to your address.

Now that you've read this guide, you now have a hint as to what to look for in a new trunk lock. Don't forget to canvass and look for a quality lock. Good luck with your new lock!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Fastening the Trunk Lock: A Step-by-Step Guide

The car trunk's locking system is different from the other locks on the vehicle; hence this is maintained differently than the rest. A functioning trunk lock enables you to safely put your luggage or valuables at the back of the automobile. If this gets damaged, don't worry; you can easily fix this. Don't wait for your things to fall off your trunk so follow these steps and repair it in no time.

Difficulty level: easy

What you'll need:

  • Replacement lock cylinder
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 1: Before you start working, visit your dealership parts store and purchase a new cylinder. You may ask the salesperson for any questions about installation that you need immediate answers to.

Step 2: Open the car's trunk and locate the lock assembly. This is usually found underside of the hood.

Step 3: Take off the plastic clip that connects the lock to the metal linkage, which leads to the lock.

Step 4: Insert the flathead screwdriver into the angled section of the clip, which fastens the lock to the trunk. Take the hammer or rubber mallet to wedge the head of the screwdriver and pop out the lock assembly from the automobile.

Step 5: Take out the assembly.

Step 6: Install the new lock and put the clip to wedge it into place. This will secure the lock against the trunk. Put in your key into the new lock to test it and see if it works.

Safety Tips:

  • You will need to buy a complete lock set and replace the cylinders on the car's doors to be able to use the same key for all the locks on your vehicle.
  • Be sure to visit your car's dealership when you buy lock cylinders to ensure that you get the right fit.

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