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What good is more horsepower if you can't guarantee that it's effectively transferred to your vehicle's wheels? It's basically a waste since you can't properly harness this power for the benefit of your ride's performance. that's why before you make any modifications to your car's powerplant, you need to make sure that your rig's mechanical components are in good working condition. But if a vital component like the U Joint is already failing, you must make the substitute as soon as possible. Since this part allows the power from your engine to be transferred into two shafts at the same time, it's your job to make sure that it can efficiently carry out its important function. But don't worry too much as this is not a straining task. In fact, with the component's heavy-duty built that comes from using durable materials in its construction, it can withstand constant wear and tear on its own. Aside from this, it's also custom-built to match the settings of your car. This is to ensure that it can provide a precise fit without you making any vehicle modifications. Lastly, it's made for a relatively easy installation process to guarantee that you won't have to pay for someone else just to get this job done. If the U Joint is in a bad state, you won't be able to exploit the immense power coming from your vehicle's engine. But if you need a premium-quality replacement, you can get it here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

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Tips on Getting a New U Joint

Odd noises coming from underneath your car are always a bad sign that a part is about to give or wear out. One of the parts that you'll need to look out for would be your vehicle's U Joint or universal joint, an essential component in your ride's drive train that is responsible for transmitting torque. Once you hear a clunking sound under your vehicle, it's possible that you have a worn-out universal joint that's about to fail soon, and you wouldn't want that to happen while you're out driving in the middle of nowhere. Check out our short guide and learn what you'll need to look for when replacing your car's U Joint.

How they work

The U Joint, which is also known as the Cardan or Hooke joint, converts the torque generated by your car's engine and transfers them into the differentials and drive wheels of your vehicle. Basically, should this part fail, your ride won't be going anywhere until you get it replaced.

Before you go looking for a replacement universal joint, you should check your car's manual first to see what kind of U Joint you have installed. There are actually two kinds of universal joints, the single and double U joint. Single U Joints can only rotate up to 45 degrees while the double U Joint can go as far as 90 degrees. Of the two, the single U Joint is much better at transmitting torque and is sturdier when it comes to managing pressure and weight. Regardless, you should only go for a design that is compatible with your vehicle, for better performance and ease of installation.

What to look for

Once you've determined whether you car is using a single or double U Joint, you'll also have to decide if you'd want it made from steel or plastic. While plastic U Joints are rust resistant, metal or steel universal joints can withstand a heavier load, which is essential depending on the type of vehicle that you're using and the amount of cargo that you're carrying. If you are not sure of what to get, we highly recommend that you go for OEM replacements that are made specifically for your vehicle. You won't have to spend much for U Joints, as they typically run for less than $50, with higher end models going for around $100 - $250.

Repair Guides

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Easily Remove and Replace Your Vehicle's U Joint

Once you begin to notice a clicking or clunking sound under your vehicle, it could be a sign that your universal joint or "U Joint" is starting to wear out. Once your universal joint breaks, it could cause your car's drive shaft to vibrate, which will cause it to break. You won't need to hire a mechanic to remove and replace your vehicle's universal joint, you can do it on your own and save a lot of money in the process.

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you'll need

  • Jack and jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Rubber mallet
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Bearing grease
  • Electrical tape
  • White chalk
  • Compatible universal Joint

Step 1: Before you start working, make sure that you park your vehicle on an even surface with ample space for you to work with. Remember to set your emergency brake to keep your ride in place.

Step 2: Jack up your vehicle and place it securely on a couple of jack stands.

Step 3: You should then crawl underneath the car and locate the driveshaft, which should be attached to the rear differential and transmission. You should find universal joints inside each end of the drive shaft yolks. Using some white chalk, mark each yolk across from each other. You'll need to do this so you could reinstall your driveshaft later in the exact same position when you took it off.

Step 4: Once you've placed your marks, you should then unbolt the driveshaft yolk connectors with a ratchet and socket. After you have removed the bolts, you should be able to remove the u-clamps that were running through them as well.

Step 5: Using a rubber mallet, tap the end of the driveshaft yolk until it slides back on the spindle until it disconnects from the other yolk. From here, you should be able to lower the driveshaft on the ground.

Step 6: After you've set aside your driveshaft, you'll be able to remove the universal joint that was inside the driveshaft yolk. You'll need to tap on it using your rubber mallet until you could remove it by hand.

Step 7: Prep your new universal joint by taping the four bearing caps with some electrical tape, to keep them from falling off while you are installing the universal joint. Place your replacement universal joint inside the driveshaft yolk.

Step 8: From here, you should raise the driveshaft up and reattach it to the driveshaft yolk and line it up with the white chalk mark that you drew beforehand. You should tap on your driveshaft using your rubber mallet until the universal joint is completely seated in place. You should then remove the electrical tape from the bearings, before you finally place the universal connectors over the bearings and onto the driveshaft yolk. You should then screw the four bolts back in through the universal connectors and into the driveshaft yolk.

Step 9: Make sure that you tighten down the bolts using a ratchet and socket, in order to keep the universal joint in place along with the driveshaft.

Step 10: When you're sure that the bolts are tight enough, you should lower your vehicle on the ground and go out for a test drive. Listen carefully for any vibrations or noises coming in from your driveshaft. If you don't hear anything, park your vehicle and turn off your engine to do a final check on your driveshaft. Reach underneath and try to shake your driveshaft. There should be no slack at all.

Congratulations, you've just replaced your vehicle's universal joint!

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