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If your brakes are acting up, there must be a problem with your car's vacuum system, possibly caused by a malfunctioning vacuum check valve. As you may know, the check valve is usually positioned at the very end of the hose that supplies vacuum from the intake manifold. You may lose your braking power when the check valve goes haywire, which could only make for a disappointing ride. Some drivers also complain of malfunctioning A/C systems when the valve goes bad. Once your check valve fails, you can't do anything with it but throw it away. Good thing there are a lot of aftermarket check valves today that exactly match the specs of their OEM counterparts. These parts are probably even better than your stock as they're rigorously engineered to receive the extreme pressures under your hood without sustaining damage for a long period of time. The best part is, they also come with warranties to protect your rights as a consumer. So if you want a heavy-duty vacuum check valve for your car, turn to us now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our Price Match Guarantee means that if you find a cheaper check valve elsewhere, we'll gladly match its price for you! Order today to restore your vehicle to tip-top shape.

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Steps in Replacing a Vacuum Check Valve

If your brakes are beginning to act up, then you probably have problems with your vacuum check valve. This particular component makes use of vacuum pressure from the engine in order to increase the amount of pressure used for the brakes. The pressure in the booster is regulated by the check valve. So if this component breaks, then the brakes will not receive the sufficient amount of pressure. Luckily, all you need to do to get your braking power back on track is to replace your vacuum check valve with a brand-new one. Changing out your busted valve for a replacement shouldn't be a pain in the neck; in fact, you'll be able to do so by yourself and in little to no time. So just follow the steps listed below, and you're all set.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools you will need:

  • Protective gloves
  • Screwdriver or wrench
  • Replacement check valve

Step 1: Wear gloves before getting started. This will certainly protect your hands during your DIY process.

Step 2: Pinpoint where you check valve is. This component is typically located where the vacuum line of the engine and the booster connect.

Step 3: Remove the clamps connecting the vacuum line to the check valve. Then remove the vacuum line itself.

Step 4: Remove the check valve using a screwdriver or wrench. Using the handheld vacuum pump, apply 15-20hg of pressure to the input end of the valve. If the pump indicated any pressure loss, then that's a clear sign that the valve is faulty.

Step 5: Install the new vacuum check valve onto the booster and reattach the vacuum hose to the check valve. If necessary, use clamps to hold the valve/hose in place.

Step 6: Start your engine and check the brakes for good pressure. If the pressure still feels wrong, then it's possible that you may have a broken brake booster. If everything checks out OK, then you can put this DIY job in the books.


Always refer to your owner's manual before beginning any repair work. If you seem to be lost in the middle of your repair, then back pedal and consult a professional mechanic.

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