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Vacuum leaks must be a big No in your ride. Why? Because it could wreck havoc with almost all sorts of things, and your ride’s fuel mileage and engine performance are no exception. So once you notice this kind of leak in your ride, act right away because pinpointing it can be a long, frustrating process. It’s important that you know few simple tricks that will help narrow it down quickly. Once you detect where the leak comes from, fix it immediately. Lucky for you, anyone with basic automotive repair skills can perform the troubleshooting procedure. Start the engine, and open the hood of your car. Wear your safety glasses and spray the carburetor cleaner at the vacuum lines. Slowly move along the lines, spraying in fast, short bursts. The moment you hit the leak, you should expect the engine idle to change momentarily. This is in response to the carburetor cleaner that draws into the leak. Spray cleaner along the intake manifold gaskets, right where the intake manifold is sealed to the engine and heads. You can work your way around the intake with the help of your inspection mirror and flashlight. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature, shut it off. If you still haven’t found the leak, wait for a few hours, and try again as soon as the engine cools down. --end--Now if what your ride needs is a new vacuum, don’t think twice in getting it here at Auto Parts Warehouse, your one-stop shop for high-quality yet reasonably priced auto and truck parts and accessories. Aside from our wide array of auto parts, we also have a user-friendly catalog that allows you do a quick search by entering your car’s specs. Just enter or choose your vehicle’s make, model, and year from the menu, and in just a few seconds, you’ll see a list of parts that matches your ride’s specs. If you have limited funds, don’t worry. You’re sure to find here a vacuum that suits your budget because we offer amazing deals you won’t find at other auto part shops. Also, you’re sure to enjoy huge savings whenever you buy from us. How about 70% off on regular retail prices? You can also choose from a variety of safe payment options. If you need a new vacuum for your ride, order from our website now, and get the best deals you could ever find online.

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