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Valance Products

All of the components attached to your vehicle carry important functions. Though some of their functions aren't as vital compared to others, they nonetheless provide something useful for your ride. One of the components is the Valence. This component is basically a panel that's used to conceal structural detail in a vehicle. Although it doesn't contribute to the engine's overall performance, it does help improve your car's appearance by making it look sleeker. This works well especially if you want your ride to sport a lowered stance. Aside from improving your car's aesthetic value, this component can be used to install additional car parts. Some of these devices could be an additional set of fog lights or an extra grille that could provide additional cooling and air flow. Since this accessory is installed in the vehicle's front or rear, it's exposed to road debris and varying weather conditions. So to ensure that its quality doesn't deteriorate quickly, premium materials such as metal were used in constructing them. The use of these materials also keeps them from incurring dents when hit by debris. On top of that, the component is given a direct-fit design to make installation quick and hassle-free. This design also eliminates the need to make unnecessary modifications just to make it fit perfectly during set-up. The Valance helps enhance your vehicle's appearance by covering structural details and providing extra space to install additional accessories. So if you're looking to get one for your ride, just breeze through our selections here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Things to Consider When Getting a Valance

The valance is a protective accessory attached on your front and rear bumpers. It gives your vehicle protection from dirt, dust, debris, mud splashes, and other damage-causing elements that you might encounter on the road. If you often use your ride for off-road applications, then this accessory is ideal for you. Aside from providing your vehicle protection, this component can also help you achieve a brand-new look for your auto. In case you are looking for the perfect valance for your ride, here are a few things that you might want to consider before shelling out some cash.


Depending on what part of your bumpers you want to modify, you can get the valance in different types. Here are the typical locations of the valance in your ride:

  • Front-center
  • Front-upper section
  • Front-lower
  • Front-lower-center
  • Front-driver side
  • Front-driver side-lower
  • Front-passenger side
  • Front-passenger side-lower
  • Rear-lower
  • Rear-center
  • Rear-driver side
  • Rear-passenger side

You can buy these types individually or as a whole set; however, we recommend that you get an entire assembly because it's cheaper, and you'll have more options.


Apart from location, you may also want to consider the material of your valance. It is typically available in the following forms:

  • Plastic - lightweight but wears out faster compared to other types
  • Aluminum - extremely durable and ideal for large vehicles
  • Steel - tough but heavier in terms of weight
  • Urethane - can withstand extreme temperature changes

For everyday street applications, we highly recommend the plastic valance. Though it wears out faster than the others, its light weight won't affect the overall functionality of your ride compared to other heavier types.


Adding a valance to your ride can also boost its appearance. So, if you are getting this accessory for aesthetic purposes, here are the most common colors/finishes that you'll find in the market today.

  • Primered
  • Raw - textured and smooth
  • Chrome
  • Textured
  • Gray
  • Polished


More often than not, a typical set of valance will cost you about 100 to 250 USD. To make sure you get your money's worth, don't forget to buy from reliable brands such as Replacement, AutoTrust Gold, and Street Scene.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Install a Plastic Valance on Your Front Bumper

The valance is an accessory that protects your bumpers from dirt, debris, mud splashes, and other stuff that can cause damage to your vehicle's exteriors. Apart from that, it is also a component that you can add to give your ride that stylish, new look that you've always wanted. If you're currently sporting a worn-out or damaged valance on your vehicle, the best thing you can do is replace it right away to prevent your bumper from getting damaged. The valance is available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, urethane, and plastic; however this repair manual will focus on how to remove and install a new plastic valance only.

Difficulty Level: Easy

List of tools:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • New valance
  • Pliers
  • Microfiber towel
  • Rubbing alcohol


Before you get started, make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat level surface. Also, see to it that your parking brakes are set to prevent your vehicle from rolling while you are working underneath it.

Step 1: To begin, slide under your car and locate the plastic clips connecting your valance to your vehicle. These are usually located at the back side of the bumper.

Step 2: After locating them, use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the clips off of your bumper. Once the clips are removed, carefully take out the valance from the bumper by pulling it down.

Step 3: Before installing your new valance, make sure you clean your bumper surface using microfiber towel that's smothered with rubbing alcohol. Clean your bumper thoroughly so that your new valance will attach easily.

Step 4: After cleaning your bumper, get your replacement valance and position it beneath your bumper. Once you are satisfied with its placement, push it onto your bumper.

Step 5: To secure its connection, slide back under your car and prepare your screwdriver and pliers to install the plastic clips that come with the new valance.

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