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Select your Valve Body vehicle from the list below.

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Getting delayed shift responses, or none at all, from your hydraulic automatic transmission spells trouble. You have to immediately inspect your valve body, which is your system's control center. It works to select the most efficient gear ratio in your transmission, depending on the available operating conditions in the system and your driving conditions. This mechanism is comprised of a number of spring-loaded valves, servo pistons, and check balls that needs continuous oiling. Of these components, the valves need more than oiling; it uses the hydraulic pressure from the pumped fluid and centrifugal governor to drive different brake band and clutch actuators in the transmission with the help of the throttle modulator and range selector valves. In more modern automobiles, your valve body is assisted with an electronic control unit-the transmission control unit (TCU)-or by the engine control unit (ECU) of the vehicle. Needless to say, this comprehensive setting of this mechanism has to be compromised in any way which is why you are experiencing irregularities when you shift. You can counter this by administering maintenance service to your transmission, or if it is already beyond repair, a replacement would be the best course of action.

And where else can you find the direct and compatible replacements for your automobile's parts and accessories at very low prices? Auto Parts Warehouse! Our valve body products are sourced from various well-known brands in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are getting the worth of your hard-earned money. In our hope of providing you with nothing but the appropriate part for your vehicle to solve your current problem, we also offer compatible selections you can choose from. For us to achieve that, though, we need you to provide accurate information about your vehicle like its make or year model. Remember that compatible parts, especially as important and technical as this valve body, should be provided with nothing but its direct-fit replacement. Doing that guarantees matched specifications that will result in restored functionality and performance. More importantly, this will mean easier installation for you just in case you choose to DIY. Besides, direct-fit replacement products are actually intended for such application, hence the included installation guide and/or layout. As you are expected to fiddle with your electrical or mechanically powered parts, ensure your safety by getting the negative of your battery off its terminal. This will surely avoid electrocution incidents.

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