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Vehicle Speed Sensor

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Some people live for speed; others die because of it. But, hey, driving doesn't need to be like a race all the time. You need to regulate your speed on the road if you want to live to see another day. Regulating your car's speed to a safer level can be achieved if your car is equipped with a properly functioning Vehicle Speed Sensor or VSS. With this monitoring device in place, you can be updated on how fast you're going on the highway. Also, you can increase or reduce your speed according to the dictates of traffic rules or certain situations. Of course, you don't want to end up with a ticket for speed violation or, worse, with a crumpled bumper or fender due to collision. So how does this sensor work? The VSS gets its data from the wheel speed and sends it to the Engine Control Module or ECM. The ECM then uses this piece of information to adjust the engine's cycle, so you'll have proper speed level. Take note that this type of sensor comes in varied designs and configurations. Modern speed sensors use magnets while others are usually gear-driven. It's important you maintain the condition of the Vehicle Speed Sensor for you to have a safe and enjoyable drive. But then, wear and tear will always happen whether you like it or not. So make sure you have a high-quality replacement at hand. Shop for one at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

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