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Washer Nozzle Connector

We have 2 Items for Washer Nozzle Connector In-stock.

You parked your vehicle along the street one day and found its windshield splattered with dirt upon your return. You activate the windshield washer to clean off that dirt and-oh no, there's no windshield washer fluid coming out of the device! You remember filling up the reservoir with fluid just the other day, so what's the problem? Well, the pump may not be working. Or, you may have a leak in your washer nozzle connector that's causing fluid loss. Another possibility is a blockage in your washer hoses. The windshield washer is a simple device designed for keeping the windshield clean with the use of washer fluid; it usually works with the windshield wipers. Fluid flows from a reservoir (with the help of pressure coming from a pump), through hoses, until it comes out of the washer nozzle. Along the way, the fluid passes through a washer nozzle connector (which connects and seals the hoses to the nozzle) and a check valve that prevents the washer fluid from flowing back to the reservoir. The lines, hoses, and connector should always be free from clogs to ensure that the fluid will flow freely. They must also be properly sealed to ensure zero leakage.

Over time, however, the parts of the windshield washer assembly can also succumb to wear and tear. Clogging can occur after a while, and this prevents the fluid from flowing and from reaching the nozzle. The washer nozzle connector can get cracked and allow the fluid to leak out. Or, the pump can fail and the system will lose pressure. All of these occurrences can lead to the failure of the system, and to your windshield not getting enough fluid for cleaning it. And, this can be dangerous-a dirty windshield makes seeing ahead difficult, and this invites accidents. Therefore, the moment you notice a problem with your car's windshield washer, address it at once. Check the parts and replace anything that's damaged. We at Auto Parts Warehouse can help you with your needed replacement. Whether you need a new washer nozzle connector, a new washer pump, or any other windshield washer part, our catalog is sure to carry that! We also have parts for other automotive assemblies, all of which are top in quality and durability. So, look no further for your needed replacement auto parts-Auto Parts Warehouse is all you'll ever need! Shop here anytime!