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Water Pump Pulley

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Water Pump Pulley Products

The water pump pulley is a vital part of a vehicle's engine cooling assembly. This pulley enables the water pump belt to drive the pump. The pump, in turn, sends liquid (coolant or water) throughout the engine system, allowing the quick dissipation of engine heat. When the pulley breaks, this whole process is disrupted. This naturally leads to cooling system malfunction and engine overheating. Don't let one bad pulley ruin your cooling assembly. Keep your engine cooling system functioning properly by replacing a broken water pump pulley as soon as you can. The good news about aftermarket water pump pulleys is that they're pretty easy to find. In fact, if you want a new pulley that won't drain your savings account, all you have to do is click on through to our catalog. You see, here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we offer high-quality and direct-fit water pump pulleys that are sold at budget-friendly prices. A dependable, affordable, and durable replacement pulley is just a few clicks away. So start clicking and get your water pump pulley from our online store today! To place an order for this item, add this product to your online shopping cart or give us a call through our toll-free number.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Quality and Practicality: Comparing Water Pump Pulley Options

Strength and endurance differentiate a high-quality water pump pulley from a substandard one. In order for the engine to maintain a balanced temperature while operating, an effective cooling assembly must include a sturdy water pump pulley.

Attributes of high quality

Usually, high quality comes with popular and tenured brands. However, you cannot simply rely on brand image when choosing your auto parts. Remember that when finding the right water pump pulley, you need to consider two things, the product fit and the material used.

  1. Direct fit vs. universal: Going for a direct fit water pump pulley gives you assurance that you're buying a compatible component for your vehicle. However, a universal pulley would be easier to find compared to a direct fit one, and it can be applied to a wide range of vehicles. It's available in most aftermarket parts suppliers unlike a direct fit one, which is usually offered by your car manufacturer only. But if your major concern is compatibility, we recommend you look for a direct fit water pump pulley.
  2. Steel vs. aluminum: Water pump pulleys made of aluminum are less likely to rust than steel. They are also lighter, conserving fuel by making the vehicle leaner and faster. If you're searching for a water pump pulley that promotes fuel efficiency, then an aluminum pulley would be your best bet. On the other hand, a steel pulley offers more strength and more durability with its surface hardness. It resists wear and tear better than aluminum. So, if you're after a pulley with a long service time, go for one that's made of steel. But if you're sick of your car parts rusting, then you should buy an aluminum water pump pulley.

Candidates for practicality

If want a budget-friendly water pump pulley, then these brands would fall under your consideration. Aside from their reasonable prices, these pulleys offer the same quality and performance as those of expensive brands. Below are some pulley labels and their respective product offers.

  1. Dorman: Water pump pulleys from Dorman are available as OE replacements. Their standard prices range from $33.98 up to $55.77, all with Dorman's lifetime limited warranty. What's best in Dorman products is that you get high-quality parts in affordable prices.
  2. Mr Gasket: Also sold as OE replacements, Mr Gasket water pump pulleys are available from $25 up to $60 each, depending on the material used. The billet aluminum type is their most expensive pulley. Unlike Dorman, Mr Gasket offers a 90-day limited warranty only.

Quality or practicality?

With the features mentioned above, choosing your water pump pulley should now be easier. You just have to choose which aspect matters more to you - quality or practicality. Once you've decided on this, you can select what pulley type you want and where you'll get it.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Remove Your Car's Water Pump Pulley

Your engine overheating is a result of your cooling system's malfunction. The water pump pulley serves as one of the main components of this cooling system. It allows the belt to run smoothly, enabling the coolant to flow throughout the engine as it operates. When your water pump pulley breaks, removing and replacing it immediately is highly advisable.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools to be used:

  • Adjustable pulley removing tool
  • Wrench set
  • Socket set
  • Screwdriver set

Step 1: Clear up the area you'll be working on. Take out and set aside obstacles like the alternator and A/C compressor belts. Push the belt tensioner the opposite way to release the tension on the belt. If it blocks your way, the engine's timing chain can also be removed.

Step 2: Once every obstacle has been removed, you can now detach the water pump belt. If your car uses a single belt as the sole driver of the water pump, then removing the belt is necessary. However, if your vehicle uses a serpentine belt, then you're not required to remove the belt from all the pulleys, unless it blocks your access to the water pump.

Step 3: Attach the pulley removal tool to the water pump pulley. We recommend using a pulley removal tool since prying the pulley off with a screwdriver or prying bar may damage other parts, such as the engine and exhaust manifolds.

Step 4: Turn the screw with a ratchet drive socket or just your hand, depending on the removal tool you're using. Tighten the pulley removal tool cautiously and observe its movement. The removal tool's screw should move toward the pump rotor's shaft, while the side clips draw the pulley away from the rotor. With a removal tool, even pressure is applied on the pulley, keeping it from cracking or bending.

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