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Wheel Bearing Module

We have 2,167 Items for Wheel Bearing Module In-stock.

The wheel bearing is a ring-like device found on your wheel hub. Its main purpose is to provide constrained and controlled movement for your wheels-stopping your wheels from spinning uncontrollably as your car accelerates. For this bearing to fit properly onto your wheel hub, its subcomponents will have to be enclosed in a unit called the wheel bearing module. This bearing module is a short, cylindrical unit that comes with four points where bolts are screwed in. It houses and keeps your wheel bearing in place, preventing it from popping out immediately after installation. The moment this module breaks down, the bearing may fall out, causing your wheel to move uncontrollably. To prevent this from happening, replace a worn bearing module as soon as you can. Wheel bearing modules come in different types and varying sizes. To find the right bearing module for your vehicle, we suggest that you consult your owner's manual. It should give you a part number and/or the specs of your original bearing module. Buy a wheel bearing module that matches these specifications to guarantee that the bearing module you'll get fits your car perfectly and works well with the rest of your wheel assembly. This is important especially since the rear and front wheel modules can't be used interchangeably. So it's best that you check the specs of the product you're eyeing before buying it. For an excellent selection of rear and front wheel bearing modules, check out the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog today.