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One of the quickest ways to lose the function of your wheel bearings is through having a broken wheel bearing retainer. Without this metal ring to hold your wheel bearings in position, you'll have your bearings running all over the place. Lose these bearings and your wheels will crash against your spindles-leading to severe wheel assembly damage. Now, that kind of damage is dangerous, and it will surely dent your wallet. Stop this auto problem before it worsens by replacing your cracked or worn wheel bearing retainer as early as today. To find a replacement retainer that's perfect for your wheel assembly, browse through our online catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our site specializes in finding topnotch replacement wheel bearing retainers and offering them to you at prices that'll surely keep your wallet full. We also offer quick and speedy shipping, so you can get your new wheel bearing retainer when you need it. So get your car running the way it should by keeping your wheels in shape. Don't lose your bearings. Keep them around and working properly by holding them in position with the right retainer. Check out our online catalog to find a high-quality and direct-fit replacement retainer today.

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Installation Helper: Wheel Bearing Retainer

The purpose of the wheel bearing retainer is to hold the axle and bearing secure in order to provide your wheels with reliable rotation. Unfortunately, this component can become worn out, which could impede the smooth and safe rotation of your tires. In case your stock wheel bearing retainer is acting up, then you should have it replaced right away. You can actually remove your busted retainer and install a new one all by yourself and without the need for a mechanic. Just follow these simple steps and you're wheels will be ready in no time.

Difficulty Level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Floor jack
  • Ramp or Jack stands
  • Replacement wheel bearing retainer
  • Drain pan
  • Lug wrench
  • Hammer
  • Ratchet and socket

Warning: Before getting started, make sure that you are parked on a flat, even surface. Also wear gloves and safety goggle for any auto repairs such as this one.

Step 1: Loosen up the lug nuts of your rear wheels. Raise the rear of your ride with a floor jack and place jack stands or a ramp beneath the axle tube on each side. Never use your floor jack as a stand.

Step 2: Continue removing the lug nuts and the wheels.

Step 3: Tap the center of the brake drum to break it loose from e axle hub. Pull off the drum.

Step 4: Place a drain pan under the wheel cylinder in order to catch any dripping gear oil.

Step 5: Use a socket and ratchet to remove the nuts holding the axle bearing and backing plate to the axle flange.

Step 6: Pull the axle retaining plate from the brake backing plate. Pull the inner oil seal from the housing end.

Step 7: Remove the wheel bearing. Start with the snap ring, followed by the bearing and retainer.

Step 8: Once the wheel bearing retainer is off, install the new one. You may opt to hammer the bearing and retaining back onto the axle.

Step 9: From this point on, re-assemble the components you removed.

Step 10: Once all components are back in place, lower your vehicle back down, and you're all set.

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