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Wheel Brush

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If you're still using your old toothbrush to clean your wheels, then it's high time that you invested in an actual wheel brush. You see, no matter how soft its bristles are, your old toothbrush can still create minute scratches on your wheels- metal surfaces. Not only that, using your old toothbrush also means spending more time and energy scrubbing brake dust and hardened grime from your wheel assembly. So if you want to cut your cleaning time in half while still giving your wheels that spotless clean, then you know what to do. Add a great wheel brush to your collection of car cleaning tools. You'll be glad to know that most wheel brushes are designed to be gentle on your car but extra tough on dirt. They usually have soft outer bristles, allowing you to give your wheels a quick clean while protecting its finish. Most wheel brushes also come with non-slip handles, letting you keep a firm grip on the brush as you scour your wheels- hard-to-reach areas. Some wheel brushes even offer a quick rinse with their snap-on power nozzles! So keep your wheels spotless the easy way by investing in a wheel brush from Auto Parts Warehouse today.