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Wheel Chock

We have 5 Items for Wheel Chock In-stock.

There are so many anti-theft accessories you can invest on, but a wheel chock is definitely one of the most effective. It is an automobile locking accessory that comes with a plated bar which will go directly to the wheels, preventing it to move in any direction. That way, you’re not just preventing theft but untoward movements that may be hazardous to your vehicle or unsafe for people on that direction. The bar in this locking accessory is usually heat-treated, either of metal or UV-resistant hard plastic raw materials. It can also come in different vibrant colors, which is very strategic as they become difficult to miss. A better choice of an aftermarket wheel chock will be one with rubber paddings to ensure that it won’t leave marks or dents on your wheels, even how long you leave it on them. Aside from these practical uses, a wheel chock can also help make re-hitching an easy task. And there are no specific requirements you need to consider because it comes as universal product. Storage is as easy as installing it on your wheels; simply reverse the installation process. Its compact size will also allow you to keep it in your trunk, cargo, or truck bed. --end--For this current auto need, you are right in being here at Auto Parts Warehouse—your one-stop auto shop online. We have the wheel chock you need, and we offer it at the lowest price in the market. Unconvinced? We will take that as a challenge. You can try to look for a lower price than what we can offer, and if you do, we will beat that price using our Low Price Guarantee. This is a scheme designed for times like this, which, we guarantee you, is very rare. We also have free shipping for orders starting at $50 and order tracking service for your peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Navigate our comprehensive list of auto parts and accessories in the site for the perfect wheel chock for your vehicle, plus everything you might need in maintaining it. When you’re done, you can directly place the order on our product catalog, and proceed to check out. But not so fast; we still need you to confirm that order by providing your shipping address. With the most accurate description you can give us, we can have your order at your place in no time!