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Protect your wheels from foreign particles by getting a wheel cover. Since part of the wheels function involves being in contact with the ground, it is prone to dirt and grime. While it is unavoidable for this to get on your tire, you can do something to prevent it from getting on the wheels itself. That's what the cover is for. You no longer have to spend hours cleaning up the dirt from every nook and cranny of the wheels. With the wheel cover, all you have to do is clean the cover itself. It's that easy. Aside from the convenience it gives, it also boosts your ride's appearance. If you're the type who likes adding a little bit of personality to everything, you'll like what it will do to your ride. It comes in many shapes and sizes, you are sure to find one for you. With all the benefits a wheel cover can give your ride, you'll sure get what you'll be paying for. So what are you waiting for? Click that button now and place your order. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of parts and accessories to provide your automotive needs. Order now! You sure won't regret it.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

A Distinct Edge from Choosing the Right Wheel Cover

The wheel cover's primary function is to protect your wheel and lug nuts from dirt and scratches. It may also enhance your car's exterior if matched perfectly. With a lot of wheel covers sold out there, you have to choose what suits your vehicle and your pocket. This section will provide hints and tips to help you sort that out.

How would I know if the wheel cover fits?

Determining the size of your wheel is actually a good start. Most wheel covers range from 14-16 inches in diameter. Even if these measurements are specifically manufactured, it's a big help if you check the wheel's measurement against the wheel cover just to be sure. A good rule of thumb is when you replace one, you should replace all.

Are there wheel cover varieties?

A wheel cover comes in various types and designs. While most of them are made from plastic, the finish can either be chrome, steel or aluminum plated. For car enthusiasts like you with an eye on detail, there are holes/slots, spokes and wire designs to feast your eyes on. Just remember, when you choose, always go for the trusted name. Imitations may copy the look, but never the quality.

Is it possible to repaint a wheel cover?

Since most wheel covers are gray and silver, you might feel dull and bored with how it looks that it made you decide to repaint it. You can actually apply the color you desire on the entire thing. However, you will risk the wheel cover's original coat, and worse, a bad paint job will lead to an even awful appearance of your car. A piece of advice: make sure you have the correct painting equipment; a wheel cover is not some wall you can simply brush.

Is it easy to put a wheel cover on my car?

Yes. In fact, this is probably the easiest car part to install. There are tabs behind the wheel cover that clip when you push it in front of the wheel. These secure the wheel cover in place and viola, you're done.

How does a complete set fair with a tight budget?

You can already find good wheel covers under $50; although regular prices range from $60 to $80. On the other hand, the high-end types go $100 or more. There are a lot of designs for wheels covers, and just like a designer shoes or shirt, the ones that look good are mostly more expensive compared to those with common designs.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

A Clear Way to Look Better with Wheel Covers

The new set of wheel covers you have ordered had just arrived at your doorstep, and you can't wait to put them on your car. Although this is a relatively simple task, here is a step-by-step guide to help you do it the proper way. There are also hints that can help maintain your wheel covers look brand new. Check them out before you show-off your new ride.

Difficulty Level:Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • New wheel covers

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Take the wheel covers and check if tension rings?thin, round metal wires, are already attached at the back of each wheel cover. If yes, jump to Step 4; if not proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Find the bent portion of each retention ring. It should be pointed upwards when you attach it to the back of the wheel cover and make sure that the bent portion is aligned with the space for the tire valves.

Step 4: Take one wheel cover in front of the wheel and push it firmly. It should snap perfectly once it is installed. Do the same for the rest.

Step 5: Test the wheel covers by pulling each one toward you with your hand; they should not fall off easily when you apply force.

That's how easy it is to install a wheel cover. Since it is close to the road's surface, make sure that they're always clean with these tips below:

Cleaning Tips: Use a cleaning brush and any car shampoo to clean your wheel cover. It is optional to wipe it with a clean towel and liquid wax afterwards. This will give the wheel cover shine and sparkle. It is advisable to do this routine once or twice a month.

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